Gunakan halaman ini untuk mengajukan permintaan status bot. Keterangan selengkapnya, silakan baca Wikipedia:Bot .

  • Catatan: Untuk permohonan baru, harap mohon dituliskan dalam subbagian tingkat tiga dalam subbagian tingkat dua permohonan.
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Halaman ini ditujukan sebagai tempat menaruh permintaan persetujuan status bot dari komunitas. Wiki ini tidak mengikuti kebijakan bot standar. Bot harus dijalankan beberapa hari dan telah melakukan 10–15 suntingan, lalu ajukan permintaan memakai templat di bawah. (Bagi birokrat: gunakan halaman ini untuk menset suatu pengguna sebagai bot.) This page is for bot status request. This wiki does not implement the standard bot policy. Bots should be run for a few days and have done 10–15 edits, then apply below using the template below.
| status    = <!-- jangan ubah baris ini -->
| botname   = nama bot
| lang      = kode Wikipedia utama
| ownername = nama pemilik
| functions = fungsi bot
| botstatus = Wikipedia lain yang telah 
              memberikan status bot kepada
              bot Anda
| status    = <!-- do not change this line -->
| botname   = bot name
| lang      = your main Wikipedia language code
| ownername = owner name
| functions = bot functions
| botstatus = other Wikipedia that given
              your bot a bot status

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Bot flag requests

We can grant your bot faster if:

  • Your bot operating on interwiki onlyObsolete because of Wikidata -- Kenrick 3 Desember 2016 11.57 (UTC)
  • Your bot are registered on major wikipedia as bot (en, de, nl)

If your bot has meet the requirements, put your request and run your bot. borgx(kirim pesan) 02:07, 19 Juni 2009 (UTC)

Bot policy

Hello. To facilitate steward granting of bot access, I suggest implementing the standard bot policy on this wiki. In particular, this policy allows stewards to automatically flag known interlanguage linking bots (if this page says that is acceptable), which form the vast majority of such requests. The policy also enables global bots on this wiki (if this page says that is acceptable), which are trusted bots that will be given bot access on every wiki that allows global bots.

This policy makes bot access requesting much easier for local users, operators, and stewards. To implement it we only need to create a redirect to this page from Wikipedia:Bot policy, and add a line at the top noting that it is used here. Please read the text at m:Bot policy before commenting. If you object, please say so; I hope to implement in one week if there is no objection, since it is particularly written to streamline bot requests on wikis with little or no community interested in bot access requests. Rubin16 (bicara) 14:05, 14 Mei 2009 (UTC)

Thank you for your proposal. We are discussing this for now. borgx(kirim pesan) 02:09, 20 Mei 2009 (UTC)
So, what have you decided ? Rubin16 (bicara) 19:01, 23 Mei 2009 (UTC)
If there is no reaction within a week, the botpolicy is very likely to be implemented within week from now Carsrac (bicara) 09:17, 30 Juni 2009 (UTC)
Currently we decide to implementing local policy for bot approval. borgx(kirim pesan) 10:49, 30 Juni 2009 (UTC)
Not implemented. If you decided to implement the standard bot policy in the future, see m:Bot policy/Implementation. —Pathoschild 02:03:08, 09 September 2009 (UTC)

Permintaan status bot