Wagon Master adalah sebuah film koboi tahun 1950 yang diproduksi dan disutradarai oleh John Ford dan dibintangi oleh Ben Johnson, Harry Carey Jr., Joanne Dru, dan Ward Bond. Skenarionya berkisah tentang kereta pionir Mormon yang menuju ke Sungah San Juan di Utah.[2][3]

Wagon Master
Poster rilis teatrikal 1950
SutradaraJohn Ford
ProduserJohn Ford
Merian C. Cooper
Ditulis olehPatrick Ford
Frank S. Nugent
Penata musikRichard Hageman
SinematograferBert Glennon (pengarah fotografi)
PenyuntingJack Murray
DistributorRKO-Radio Pictures Inc.
Tanggal rilis
  • 22 April 1950 (1950-04-22) (US)[1]
Durasi86 menit
NegaraAmerika Serikat

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Bacaan tambahan sunting

  • Astle, Randy (2012). "Mormons and Cinema". Dalam Hunter, J. Michael. Mormons and Popular Culture: The Global Influence of an American Phenomenon. ABC-CLIO. hlm. 12. ISBN 9780313391675. OCLC 776495102. Shot around the Moab area and based on the story of the regions actual settlers, the film tells the story of a south-bound pioneer company, their non-Mormon wagon masters and the misfits, outcasts, and outlaws they encounter along the way. The Mormons are immediately humanized and equated with the other downtrodden groups they encounter, most notably the Navajo. 

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