The Colour of My Love adalah album penyanyi asal Kanada, Celine Dion. Album ini dirilis pada tanggal 9 November 1993. Album ini adalah album ketiga Celine yang berbahasa Inggris dan album kedelapanbelas dari seluruh albumnya.

The Colour of My Love
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Album studio karya Céline Dion
Dirilis9 November 1993 (1993-11-9)
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LabelEpic, 550
ProduserWalter Afanasieff, David Foster, Steve Lindsey, Christopher Neil, Aldo Nova, Guy Roche, Ric Wake
Kronologi Céline Dion
Celine Dion
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The Colour of My Love
À l'Olympia
(1994)À l'Olympia1994
Singel dalam album The Colour of My Love
  1. "When I Fall in Love"
    Dirilis: 28 Juni 1993
  2. "The Power of Love"
    Dirilis: 1 November 1993
  3. "Misled"
    Dirilis: 4 April 1994
  4. "Think Twice"
    Dirilis: 18 Juli 1994
  5. "Only One Road"
    Dirilis: 21 November 1994
  6. "Next Plane Out"
    Dirilis: 23 Oktober 1995
  7. "Just Walk Away"
    Dirilis: 23 Oktober 1995
  8. "To Love You More"
    Dirilis: 23 Oktober 1995

Daftar laguSunting

No. JudulPencipta Durasi
1. "The Power of Love"  Candy DeRouge, Gunther Mende, Mary Susan Applegate, Jennifer Rush 5:43
2. "Misled"  Jimmy Bralower, Peter Zizzo 3:30
3. "Think Twice"  Andy Hill, Peter Sinfield 4:47
4. "Only One Road"  Zizzo 4:49
5. "Everybody's Talkin' My Baby Down"  Arnie Roman, Russ DeSalvo 4:01
6. "Next Plane Out"  Diane Warren 4:59
7. "Real Emotion"  Warren 4:26
8. "When I Fall in Love" (with Clive Griffin)Edward Heyman, Victor Young 4:20
9. "Love Doesn't Ask Why"  Phil Galdston, Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil 4:08
10. "Refuse to Dance"  Charlie Dore, Danny Schogger 4:21
11. "I Remember L.A."  Tony Colton, Richard Wold 4:12
12. "No Living Without Loving You"  Warren 4:23
13. "Lovin' Proof"  Warren 4:12
14. "Just Walk Away" (International version bonus track)Albert Hammond, Marti Sharron 4:58
15. "The Colour of My Love"  David Foster, Arthur Ganov 3:25
16. "To Love You More" (Japanese limited edition bonus track)Foster, Junior Miles 5:28