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Template data

Ini dokumennya TemplateData untuk template ini digunakan oleh VisualEditor dan alat lainnya; lihat laporan penggunaan parameter bulanan untuk templat ini.

TemplateData untuk Nihongo

This template is used to display Japanese text, applying the correct code and formatting.

Parameter templat[Kelola data templat]

Templat ini lebih menyukai format parameter dalam satu baris.

English text1

The word as translated into English. Note this will sometimes be the actual Japanese word if it has been adopted into English.

Kanji/kana text2

The word as written in Japanese (kanji, kana, Roman letters, and possibly other marks).

Katawajib diisi
Romanized (rōmaji) text3

Transliteration of the Japanese word, using Hepburn Romanization.

Lead formattinglead

If set to yes, changes formatting style for the first instance of Japanese, usually in the lead. It gives the reader an idea what kind of non-English writing they are viewing.

Nilai yang disarankan
Extra text inside parentheses4 extra

Adds extra text inside the parentheses.

Extra text outside parentheses5 extra2

Adds extra text outside the parentheses. It is only useful in ";" definitions (it will be displayed without bold, whereas text following the template, will be bolded). Literal translations and linguistic glosses must use single quotation marks, not double.