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Templat:Infobox reality talent competition

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Main parameters
{{Infobox reality talent competition
|series        = 
|first_aired   = 
|last_aired    = 
|judges        = 
|host          = 
|cohost        = 
|broadcaster   = 
|finalsvenue   = 
|image         = 
|caption       =
|winner-name   = 
|winner-origin = Hometown of the winner
|runner-name =
|runner-image =
Succession box
|last          = 
|next          = 
|year          = 



Name of the series and season. Defaults to use page name.

first_aired and last_airedSunting

This spans when the first episode was aired and when the finale was (or is planned to be) aired.

judges, host and co-hostSunting

Specify the any applicable staff here.


The main domestic or host broadcasters of the season.


If the grand finale was held outside the normal studio (as is often for American Idol and Australian Idol), note this here.

winner fieldsSunting

These fields are used to specify information about the winner once one is confirmed.


2nd place finisher.

image and captionSunting

Used to provide an image and optional caption for a photograph of the winner.

last, next, and yearSunting

Providing the year, and the page titles for the applicable pages will generate succession arrows between different seasons.


Setting |british=yes will change some terms used to British terminology, such as using "presenter" instead of host.

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