Sony Pictures Classics

Sony Pictures Classics (disingkat SPC) adalah sebuah perusahaan produksi dan distribusi film Amerika yang merupakan divisi Sony Pictures Entertainment. Perusahaan tersebut didirikan pada 1992 oleh bekas para kepala Orion Classics Michael Barker, Tom Bernard, dan Marcie Bloom (sama halnya dengan Fox Searchlight Pictures dan Focus Features).[1]


  1. '^ Thompson, Anne (October 17, 2006). "Sony Pictures Classics at 15". The Hollywood Reporter. Archived from the original on 2012-02-09. Diakses tanggal March 4, 2010. They stay behind the films and manage to find a significant core audience for a large number of them, with the occasional $130 million blowout like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, [former United Artists president Bingham] Ray says. 'But they spend a fraction of what a major studio would spend to get the same number. Their philosophy is not to pile a lot of money on everything. They run a tight ship; they don't have an army of people working for them. They keep things simple. 

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