Robert William Wood

Robert William Wood (4 Maret 1889 – 14 Maret 1979) adalah seorang pelukis lanskap Amerika.[1] Ia lahir di Inggris, beremigrasi ke Amerika Serikat dan menjadi terkenal pada 1950-an dengan penjualan jutaan reproduksi warnanya.[2] Dia aktif di koloni seni San Antonio, Texas pada 1930-an,[3] Monterey, California pada tahun 1940-an dan Pantai Laguna pada tahun 1950-an.[4]

Robert William Wood
Lahir(1889-03-04)4 Maret 1889
Sandgate, Kent, Inggris
Meninggal14 Maret 1979(1979-03-14) (umur 90)
Bishop, California, United States
Dikenal atasLandscape painting
Gerakan politikCalifornia Plein-Air Painting, American Impressionism

Referensi Sunting

  1. ^ Although he was never naturalized as a citizen, his entire career was in the United States, hence his designation as an "American" artist.
  2. ^ These figures came from the Donald Art Company and are referenced by Jeffrey Morseburg in his essays on Robert and other web sites.
  3. ^ He was represented in a number of the early San Antonio Plein-Air exhibitions in the late 1920s.
  4. ^ Records of Laguna Art Festival. See also articles in archival section of Robert Wood web site referenced below.

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