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Halo, am looking for an investor.

Dear: investor/funder

Peace and Peace always be with you. As much as I want to introduce myself: Name: Suhendra / Hendra, and I come from Indonesia (Jakarta and Papua). With this I want to invite you and introduce things related to the Tourism Business. Of course what I have to offer concerns an exotic, beautiful tourist spot that will attract many foreign and local tourists. The tourism business that I offer is Business Hotel / Hospitality and restaurants. Of course, in terms of land / land where the hotel plan is planned, I have prepared this restaurant: 1. Wide ± 5 hectares (± 50,000.m2) 2. Legality of the Letter Ownership Certificate on behalf of his / her own family. 3. Locations on Biak Island, Papua Indonesia. 4. Very Strategic within ± 3.kms from Frans Kaesepo International Airport / Airport. 5. There are relics of the world war 2 sites (Goa Japanese hole). 6. World Orchid Garden. 7. Clear and Beautiful Sea and beach. It is my great hope that honorable brothers and sisters can visit to meet me, and are interested in "INVESTING" in businesses whose prospects are very good in the future. If there is an interest that is different from the planning of my project then with a warm welcome I will obey what the project plan will be in the form of investment from the land that I offer. In the meantime, the first part of this story tells me something interesting. If there is a good response to this continuation, then we will discuss it in more depth and detail.

My personal contact: Email: idw2019.06@gmail.com. WhatsApp: +6289618322212. Idewe (bicara) 16 Juli 2019 05.47 (UTC)

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