Pearls of Passion adalah album pertama Roxette, diterbitkan pada 31 Oktober 1986.

Pearls of Passion
Album studio karya Roxette
Dirilis31 Oktober 1986
DirekamEMI Studios, Stockholm, 1986
ProduserClarence Öfwerman
Kronologi Roxette
Pearls of Passion
Dance Passion
(1987)Dance Passion1987

Daftar laguSunting

  1. "Soul Deep"
  2. "Secrets That She Keeps"
  3. "Goodbye To You"
  4. "I Call Your Name"
  5. "Surrender"
  6. "Voices"
  7. "Neverending Love"
  8. "Call of the Wild"
  9. "Joy of a Toy"
  10. "From One Heart To Another"
  11. "Like Lovers Do"
  12. "So Far Away"


"So Far Away": Per Gessle and Hasse Huss
  • Music – Per Gessle, except for the following:
"Voices": Music by Marie Fredriksson and Per Andersson
"Joy of a Toy": Music by Per Gessle and Mats "MP" Persson
"Turn to Me": Music by Marie Fredriksson

Produced and arranged by Clarence Öfwerman.