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Just a Love Song... Christian Bautista Live! adalah album live pertama penyanyi asal Filipina, Christian Bautista. Album ini dirilis pada tanggal 24 Januari 2007.

Just a Love Song... Christian Bautista Live!
Christianbautista justalovesonglive.jpg
Album rekaman langsung karya Christian Bautista
Dirilis24 Januari 2007 (2007-01-24)
Direkam2006 di Teatrino, Greenhills
Durasi76:01 (Edisi standar)
ProduserJim Baluyut, Neil C. Gregorio
Kronologi Christian Bautista
Just a Love Song... Christian Bautista Live!
Singel dalam album Just a Love Song... Live!
  1. "Got To Believe In Magic"
    Dirilis: Maret 2007
  2. "Trying To Get The Feeling Again"
    Dirilis: Mei 2007
Sampul alternatif
Christian Bautista Live! (Special Christmas Edition)

Daftar laguSunting

Standard edition
No. Judul Durasi
1. "Trying to Get the Feeling Again"   4:23
2. "More Than You'll Ever Know"   4:53
3. "Only Reminds Me of You"   3:47
4. "Beautiful in My Eyes"   4:13
5. "Make It with You"   3:30
6. "Got to Believe in Magic"   3:52
7. "Fixing a Broken Heart"   3:30
8. "I Could Not Ask for More"   3:51
9. "Of All the Things"   2:46
10. "Nothing Can Stop Us Now"   3:33
11. "Be My Number Two"   4:19
12. "Finding Out the Hard Way"   3:31
13. "Blue Eyes Blue"   4:33
14. "Cry for Help"   4:58
15. "Heaven Help"   3:02
16. "I Won't Hold You Back"   4:43
17. "If Ever You're in My Arms Again"   4:06
18. "You"   4:06
19. "Just a Love Song"   4:25
Disc 1: Special Christmas edition[1]
No. Judul Durasi
1. "Pasko na Sinta Ko"    
2. "I'll Be Home for Christmas"    
3. "Grown-Up Christmas List"    
4. "You're All I Want for Christmas"    
5. "An Evening in December"    


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