Pembubaran Uni Soviet: Perbedaan revisi

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[[File:USSR Republics Numbered Alphabetically.png|330px|thumb|right|[[Post-Soviet states]] {{smaller|(alphabetical order)}} {{columns |colwidth=10em |colstyle=white-space:nowrap; |col1={{unbulleted list |1. [[Armenia]] |2. [[Azerbaijan]] |3. [[Belarus]] |4. [[Estonia]]}} |col2={{unbulleted list |5. [[Georgia (country)|Georgia]] |6. [[Kazakhstan]] |7. [[Kyrgyzstan]] |8. [[Latvia]]}} |col3={{unbulleted list|9. [[Lithuania]] |10. [[Moldova]] |11. [[Russia]] |12. [[Tajikistan]]}} |col4width=12em |col4={{unbulleted list|13. [[Turkmenistan]] |14. [[Ukraine]] |15. [[Uzbekistan]]}} }} ]]
The '''dissolution of the [[Soviet Union]]''' was formally enacted on December 26, 1991, as a result of the declaration no. 142-[[Н]] of the [[Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union]],<ref name="ReferenceC"/> acknowledging the independence of the erstwhile Soviet republics and creating the [[Commonwealth of Independent States]] (CIS) – although five of the signatories ratified it much later or not at all. On the previous day, Soviet President [[Mikhail Gorbachev]], the eighth and last [[leader of the Soviet Union]], resigned, declared his office extinct, and handed over its powers – including control of the [[Cheget|Soviet nuclear missile launching codes]] – to [[President of Russia|Russian President]] [[Boris Yeltsin]]. That evening at 7:32&nbsp;p.m., the [[Soviet flag]] was lowered from the Kremlin for the last time and replaced with the pre-revolutionary [[Flag of Russia|Russian Flag]].
Several of the more authoritarian [[Post-Soviet states|former Soviet republics]] have retained close links with [[Russia]] and formed multilateral organizations such as the [[Eurasian Economic Community]], the [[Union State]], the [[Eurasian Customs Union]], and the [[Eurasian Economic Union]] to enhance economic and security cooperation. Several of the more democratic [[Post-Soviet states|former Soviet republics]] have joined [[NATO]] and the [[European Union]] or aspire to do so, to enhance their security and economic cooperation.
Berikut ini adalah sejarah [[Uni Soviet]] hingga [[pembubaran Uni Soviet|pembubarannya]] pada bulan [[Desember]] [[1991]].
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