Pangeran Harry, Adipati Sussex: Perbedaan revisi

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Tag: suntingan perangkat seluler suntingan aplikasi seluler
== Kelahiran dan masa kecil ==
Pangeran Harry dilahirkan pada [[15 September]] [[1984]] di [[St Mary's Hospital, London|Rumah Sakit, St Mary's]], [[Paddington]], di [[London]] tengah, [[Inggris]]. Ayahnya adalah [[Charles, Pangeran Wales|Pangeran Charles]], putra sulung [[Elizabeth II dari Britania Raya|Ratu Elizabeth II]] dan [[Pangeran Philip, Duke ofAdipati Edinburgh]]. Ibundanya adalah almarhumah [[Diana, Putri Wales]], yang meninggal dunia pada [[1997]], mantan istri Pangeran Wales. Ia mempunyai kakak lelaki, [[Pangeran William dari Wales|Pangeran William]]. Gelar lengkapnya adalah '''Yang Mulia Pangeran Henry dari Wales'''; ([[bahasa Inggris]]: ''His Royal Highness PangeranPrince Henry dariof Wales'''), meskipun ia lebih sering disapa sebagai '''Pangeran Harry'''.
Dia dibaptis pada [[21 Desember]] [[1984]] di Kapel St. George, [[Istana Windsor]] oleh [[Uskup Agung Canterbury]], Robert Runcie.{{br}}Wali baptisnya adalah
<!--He was christened on [[21 December]] [[1984]] at [[St. George's Chapel]] [[Windsor Castle]] by the Archbishop of Canterbury, [[Robert Alexander Kennedy Runcie|Dr. Robert Runcie]]. His godparents were: his uncle the [[Prince Andrew, Duke of York|Duke of York]], [[Lady Sarah Chatto]], Lady Vestey, Mrs. William Bartholomew; the portrait painter, Mr. Bryan Organ; and Mr. Gerald Ward.
*[[Andrew dari York|Pangeran Andrew]]; kemudian ''Pangeran Andrew, Adipati York'' (pamannya dari pihak ayah)
*Bryan Organ (pelukis potret)
*Gerald Ward (teman [[Pangeran Charles]])
*Lady Vestey (istri dari Baron Vestey ke-3, teman [[Pangeran Charles]])
*Lady Sarah Chatto; lahir ''Armstrong-Jones'' (sepupu pertama ayahnya)
*Ny. William Bartholomew (salah satu teman terbaik [[Diana, Putri Wales|ibunya]])<ref></ref>
Orangtua Harry bercerai pada [[1996]] dan kematian ibunya setelah kecelakaan mobil di [[Paris]], tahun berikutnya. Harry dan kakaknya, [[Pangeran William|William]] menetap bersama ayahnya di [[Istana Balmoral]] pada saat itu dan [[Pangeran Charles|Pangeran Wales]] mengatakan kepada anaknya tentang kematian ibunya. Pada saat pemakaman ibunya, Harry, waktu itu 12, disertai kakaknya, ayahnya, kakek dari pihak ayah, dan pamannya, Charles Spencer berjalan di belakang iring-iringan pemakaman dari [[Istana Kensington]] ke [[Westminster Abbey]]
The prince's official family name is that of Windsor, according to his grandmother's royal proclamation of 1960, but some of the descendants of [[Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom|Queen Elizabeth II]] appear to utilize the surname [[Mountbatten-Windsor]] as personal preference.
===Death of Diana, Princess of Wales===
On [[31 August]] [[1997]], Harry's mother died in a car accident in [[Paris]], with her boyfriend [[Dodi Al-Fayed]]. Her death came only a few days after she spent a holiday in northern France with William and Harry. The princes were staying at [[Balmoral Castle]]; it was Charles who awoke them and broke the news.
At Diana's funeral, their father, grandfather Prince Philip, and uncle ([[Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer|the Earl Spencer]]) walked behind Diana's funeral cortege from [[Buckingham Palace]] to [[Westminster Abbey]]. On Diana's coffin was a card from Harry, made out to ''Mummy''. Cameras were banned from showing close-up images of the princes during the service itself. Both princes have been praised for their enormous show of strength on that day. During his eulogy, the Earl Spencer promised that the Spencer family would take an active interest in looking after Diana's children, although neither Harry nor William has seen much of him since then, or of [[Frances Shand Kydd|Diana's mother]] before her death.
{{British Royal Family}}
Harry attended Mrs. Jane Mynors's nursery school in West [[London]], as did William. In 1988, he attended ''Fun With Music'', a [[music appreciation]] class conducted by [[Ann Rachlin]]. He later followed his brother to the [[Wetherby School]], and later to [[Ludgrove School]] in [[Berkshire]]. He then attended [[Eton College]] located in [[Berkshire]] in [[1998]]. In June 2003, he completed his education at Eton with two [[A-level]]s. In [[Geography]] he received a D, and in [[Art]] a B. At school, he developed his love of sport, particularly [[polo]] and [[rugby union|rugby]]. The Prince has also shown a keen interest in [[skiing]] and [[abseiling]]. He has also participated in the [[Eton Wall Game]].
After finishing [[Eton College|Eton]], Harry undertook a [[gap year]], visiting [[Australia]] and [[Africa]]. In Australia, he worked on a cattle station, and watched the [[2003 Rugby World Cup]] being held in the country. In Africa, he worked in an orphanage in [[Lesotho]]. Later in the year, he travelled to [[Argentina]] on holiday.
On [[8 May]] [[2005]], the Prince entered the [[Royal Military Academy Sandhurst]]. There, he was known as Officer Cadet Wales instead of using his royal title, and was part of [[Alamein]] Company.<sup>[]</sup>
==Royal duties==
In April 2006, Prince Harry launched a [[charitable organization|charity]] with [[Prince Seeiso of Lesotho]] to aid children orphaned by [[HIV]]/[[AIDS]]. The charity is named [[Sentebale: The Princes' Fund for Lesotho]]. ''Sentebale'' is a [[Sesotho language|Sesotho]] word meaning forget-me-not. The name is meant to honour both princes' mothers: the former [[Diana, Princess of Wales|Princess of Wales]], who died in 1997; and Queen [['MaMohato of Lesotho]], who died in 2003. Prince Harry was in Lesotho to launch the charity and returned to Mants'ase Children's Home near [[Mohale's Hoek]], which he visited in 2004 during his gap year.
[[Berkas:Inspection-New-Colours.JPG|left|thumb|Officer Cadet Wales on parade when New Colours were presented to Sandhurst, 21 June 2005. (standing to attention next to the horse).]]
In 2006, Prince Harry was appointed as one of nine new '''Commodores-in-Chief''' of the [[Royal Navy]], alongside other members of his family. Prince Harry was appointed as [[Commodore-In-Chief]], Small Ships and Diving.
Prince Harry passed out as a newly commissioned officer at the [[Sovereign's Parade]] at the [[Royal Military Academy Sandhurst]] in April 2006.<small>[]</small> He will continue to use ''Wales'' as a last name and is now known in the army as [[Cornet (military rank)|Cornet]] Wales.<small>[,,2-2131723,00.html]</small>
In January 2006, [[Clarence House]] announced that Prince Harry would join the [[Blues and Royals]], a regiment of the [[Household Cavalry]], and train as a reconnaissance troop commander.<sup>[]</sup>
Since then, it was reported that he was expected to deploy to [[Iraq]] in May of 2007 as part of the [[1st Mechanised Brigade]] of the [[3rd (UK) Mechanised Division]], although both the royal family and the Defense Ministry declined to confirm those reports.<ref>[ "Report: Prince Harry due in Iraq"]. Associated Press, February 17, 2007</ref> The [[Blues and Royals]] would form part of the force patrolling the governorate of [[Maysan]] on the [[Iran]]-Iraq border.
==Personal Life==
As it does for his brother, the media continues to speculate about any possible girlfriends of Prince Harry, especially young women in his social circle, and sometimes those he meets in nightclubs. The Prince's best known romance has been with [[Chelsy Davy]], a [[Zimbabwe]]-born heiress to an African [[ranching]] and [[real estate]] fortune. In an interview conducted for his 21st birthday in September 2005, Prince Harry referred to Davy as his girlfriend and the press reported that their relationship was at that time 18 months old, strongly contradicting reports they were no longer a couple.<sup>[,,1570161,00.html]</sup> In July 2006, photos were published of the two kissing at the Cartier Polo International Tournament.
On 15 August 2006, ''[[The Sun]]'' released a picture of Prince Harry with his hands on the breasts of friend [[Natalie Pinkham]], whom he was also pictured kissing. ''The Sun'' reported that this would imply that he was cheating on Davy. Commenting on this, [[Clarence House]] has said that the picture had been taken three years earlier. "We have contacted ''The Sun'' and asked them to make a correction. The pictures are three years out of date."<sup>[]</sup>
In October 2006 it was reported that Davy had accepted an offer from the [[University of Bristol]], which is 27 miles from [[Highgrove]], for a postgraduate degree in [[politics]].
===Nazi Costume Controversy===
[[Berkas:thesunharry.jpg|thumb|right|200px|The Front Cover of tabloid [[The Sun]] featuring a picture of the costume]]
At a party with the [[fancy dress]] theme "Colonial and Native" Prince Harry wore a Nazi uniform, much to the outrage of anti-fascist and Jewish groups.<ref></ref> He later apologised for his actions, although through a statement, rather than in person, angering some groups.<ref></ref>
In January 2002, it was revealed that the prince had admitted smoking cannabis, raising the possibility that criminal charges would be filed against him in the summer of 2002. A subsequent police investigation cleared Harry of wrongdoing, and Harry's father, Charles, was praised for his handling of the situation, which included taking Harry to visit a drug rehabilitation facility in London.
On the morning of 21 October 2004, Prince Harry had an altercation with a paparazzo photographer as he left a nightclub in Piccadilly Circus. The photographer was left with a cut lip, but the Prince was unharmed. After the story appeared in the tabloids, he issued a statement in which he stated that his behaviour had been "disappointing" and in which he publicly apologised to Charles.
==Titles, styles, honours and arms==
{{infobox hrhstyles|left|
royal name=HRH Prince Henry of Wales|
dipstyle=[[Royal Highness|His Royal Highness]]|
offstyle=Your Royal Highness|
*'''[[15 September]] [[1984]]-:''' ''His Royal Highness'' Prince Henry of Wales
On his 18th birthday, his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II granted Prince Harry his own personalised [[coat of arms]], the [[Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom]] with a label for difference: ''Quarterly, 1st and 4th Gules three Lions passant guardant in pale Or (England), 2nd Or a Lion rampant within a Double Tressure flory counterflory Gules (Scotland), 3rd Azure a Harp Or stringed Argent (Ireland), the whole differenced by a Label of five points Argent the first third and fifth points charged with an Escallop Gules''.
Prince Harry's coat of arms has a label of five points, as the grandchild of the sovereign. The ''escallops'' (seashells) allude to his late mother Diana, Princess of Wales, whose [[Earl Spencer|Spencer]] coat of arms includes three ''escallops argent''.-->
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