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Muhammad Arham Aryadi is an Indonesian Composer. He is Known Founder and Music Director Indonesian Contemporary Gamelan Ensemble (ICGE). Finished his bachelor of arts study in music composition at Conservatory Of Music Pelita Harapan University in under the guidance of Otto Sidharta and Matius Shanboone. His minor instrument such as Guitar Classical and Jazz Guitar Electric in under guidance Beben S.M. His also study Instrument Clarinet in under guidance Nino Ariono and Javanese Gamelan under guidance Prof. Dr. Sri Hastanto. He followed several composition workshop with Slamet Abdul Sjukur (Indonesian), Dieter Mack (Germany), Carlos Michans (Argentina), Johannes Schollhörn (Germany), Manfred Stahnke (Germany), Magnus Andersson (Swedish), Ensemble Modern (Germany) and Pow Ensemble member Guy Harries, Luc Houtcamp and Wiek Hijmans (Netherland).
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He also assistant music director Franki Raden of Indonesian National Orchestra (INO) Concert in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney (2010) and KTT Asean in Bali (2011). Became the music teacher at Vocational School of Arts Sarasvati and Lecturer at Cantata Institute Of Arts. His works has been played at Turning Point 2 Erasmus Huis Jakarta (2011), Indonesian Arts Festival VII (2011), Hybrid Project “combining music and visual arts” (2011), Tembi Music Festival “combining music with dance” (2012), “Pentas Musik UPH” Theater Salihara (2013), 5thMalaysian Composer Series at KLPAC (2014) be invited Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tazul Izan Tajuddin and 7thYogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival (YCMF) be invited Michael Asmara (2014).
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His another work such as write music Mars and Hymne for palm oil company from Indonesian and music closing for EX Mall Jakarta. He also work in Drama Musical “Seni” (2011) become music Director and Conductor and Tribute To Metallica “Metagastra” (2013) Metallica Gamelan and Orchestra. His become guitarist for Frappuccino Band (15 April 2006) and TriProject (2014). Frappuccino Band release one album Goresan Awal (2009). His write a book “The Colors Of Gamelan”.
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Several works have been made as
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“Adam dan Hawa” For Voices (2008)
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“Metamorphosis Butterfly” For Solo Guitar Electric (2009)
“Story Of Water” For Soundscape (2009)
“Following” For Strings Quartet (2009)
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“Afrika” For Solo Piano (2010)
“Hujan dan Hutan” Gamelan, Live Electronic and Dance (2010)
“Sungai” For Duet Flutes (2010)
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“Saron” For Electroacoustic (2011)
“Dijiridu” For Electroacoustic (2011)
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“Prepared Saron” For Duet Saron Gamelan (2011)
“Kamu Kira Saya Gendeng” For Gamelan (2011)
“Badak 1 dan 2” For Soundscape (2012)
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“Desah Maut Tong” For Electronic voices (2012)
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“Sounds and Lighting” For Electronic (2012)
“Jakarta Electronic City” For Electronic (2012)
“Gampang – Gampang Susah” For Solo Flute (2012)
“Etude No.1” For Solo Clarinet (2012)
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“Gong” For Solo Gong (2012)
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“Female Vocal Amplified” For Female Voice and Amplified (2012)
“Candi” For Gamelan (2012)
“Coins” For Coins and Performing Art (2012)
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“Feedback” For Live Electronic and Dance (2012)
“Soknata” For Piano and Live Electronic (2012)
“Quintet For The End Of Time” For Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Grandcassa (2012)
“Mantra” For Choir (2012)
“Serenata” For Solo Piano (2012)
“Slenthem” For Solo Slenthem and Live Electronic (2012)
“Movement” For Trio Saron Gamelan (2012)
“Sexy” For Whistle and Live Electronic (2012)
“Topeng” For Gamelan (2013)
“Gerhana” For Gamelan (2013)
“Labyrinth” For Voices (2013)
“Kesurupan” For Solo Gender and Live Electronic (2013)
“Ijab kobul” For Electrovoices (2013)
“Pasar” For Percussion (2013)
“Schyzophrenia” For Piano and Grandcassa (2013)
“Stripsody” For Solo Voice (2013)
“Mekar” For Orchestra (2013)
“Kotekan” For Percussion (2013)
“Piontilis” For Soundscape (2014)
“Balungan” For Gamelan (2014)
“Serenade Of Diversity” for strings Quartet (2014)
“Eruption” For Ensemble and Electronic (2015)
“Mak Comblang” For Solo Trumpet (2015)
“Warna” For Piano and Voice (2015)
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