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Tag: Suntingan perangkat seluler Suntingan peramban seluler
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<i!--This is a tutorial on how to insert pictures in Wikipedia articles using Wikiformat. There is also a [[Wikipedia:Extended image syntax|shorter technical document describing the syntax]].
If you need help [[Wikipedia:Uploading images|uploading an image]], or selecting a suitable image for an article, you should also read our [[wikipedia:image use policy|image use policy]]. Note that images on most web sites are copyrighted and '''''should not''''' be uploaded to Wikipedia.
For the purposes of this tutorial, all examples will use Stevertigo's Wikipedia mascot as the picture.
"Dummy" text, known as [[Lorem Ipsum]], used only to show the effect of mixing pictures with running text, is rendered in <span style="color:#996633">a different color</span>.
Asterisks are used in the text to show the ''edit location'' of the image tag.
:'''''Note 1'''''. Before you add an image to an article, you should view the [[Wikipedia:Image description page|image description page]] to identify the copyright status of the image and make sure the [[Wikipedia:Copyrights|copyright status]] of the image is clearly stated. It is preferred that you use one of the [[Wikipedia:Image copyright tags]], as appropriate.<br>
:'''''Note 2'''''. Please also [[Help:Contents#Avoid huge image files|avoid huge image files]]. (Follow that link for instructions on how to compress an image.)-->
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