Pertempuran Lexington dan Concord: Perbedaan antara revisi

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|casualties1=49 tewas,<br />39 terluka,<br />5 hilang<ref name="Chidsey47"/>
'''Pertempuran Lexington dan Concord''' adalah pertempuran pertama dalam [[Perang Revolusi Amerika]].<ref name="French"> [[#French|French]], pp. 2, 272-273</ref><ref>A controversial interpretation holds that the [[Battle of Point Pleasant]], six months earlier, was the initial military engagement of the Revolutionary War. Despite a 1908 United States Senate resolution designating it as such, few, if any, historians subscribe to this interpretation.[]</ref> Pertempuran ini pecah pada tanggal 19 April 1775, di [[County Middlesex, Massachusetts|County Middlesex]], [[Provinsi Teluk Massachusetts]], di kota [[Lexington, Massachusetts|Lexington]], [[Concord, Massachusetts|Concord]], [[Lincoln, Massachusetts|Lincoln]], [[Arlington, Massachusetts|Menotomy (sekarang Arlington)]], dan [[Cambridge, Massachusetts|Cambridge]]. Pertempuran ini menandai dimulainya konflik bersenjata antara [[Britania Raya]] melawan tiga belas koloninya di [[Amerika Utara]].
== Catatan kaki ==
* {{cite web |title=Colonial towns, by the numbers |url= |accessdate=2010-04-25}} Facts and figures on Acton, Bedford, Concord and Lexington of the period, including the rosters of the towns' Minute Men and Militia
* [ Statements of American combatants at Lexington and Concord] contained in supplement “Official Papers Concerning the Skirmishes at Lexington and Concord” to ''The Military Journals of Private Soldiers, 1758-1775,'' by Abraham Tomlinson for the Poughkeepsie, NY museum, 1855.
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