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[[Berkas:Ashurbanipal by Parhad.JPG|320px|thumb|Patung Asyurbanipal di [[San Francisco]], [[Amerika Serikat]].]]
The sculptor Fred Parhad (1934-) created a larger-than-life statue of Ashurbanipal, which was placed on a street near the [[San Francisco City Hall]] main square in 1988.<ref>[ Smithsonian Art Inventories Catalog - Ashurbanipal, (sculpture)]</ref><ref>[ Ashurbanipal Statue at the Main San Francisco Library in San Francisco]</ref> The sculpture shows Asurbanipal wearing a short tunic and holds a lion cub in his proper right arm. The figure stands on a concrete base, with bronze plaque and rosettes. The statue stands across from City Hall next to the Asian Art Museum and faces the San Francisco Library.