Asia Pulp & Paper: Perbedaan revisi

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Para penulis laporan menyatakan:<blockquote>Kami sangat mendesak APP untuk bergabung dengan jajaran bisnis yang bertanggung jawab dan melakukan operasinya sesuai dengan hukum.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Logging Road Threatens Rare Peat Dome, Tigers | |date=25 March 2008 |accessdate=7 June 2012}}</ref></blockquote>
<!--InPada JanuaryJanuari 2008, thepengecer office retailerkantor [[Staples (perusahaan)|Staples]] endedmengakhiri theirhubungan 11-year relationshiptahun withdengan APP, whichyang hadsebelumnya formerlydiberikan supplied betweenantara 5 anddan 9% of the paperdari soldkertas atdijual thedengan chainrantai "duekarena tokurang theirjelas clearkemajuan lackmereka ofdalam progressmeningkatkan inkinerja improvinglingkungan their environmental performancemereka."<ref> Staples Ends Contracts With Asia Pulp on Environment. 7 February 2008. [ Staples Ends Contracts With Asia Pulp on Environment (Update1)], Heather Burke – 7 February 2008 21:52</ref> OtherPerusahaan companieslain includingtermasuk [[Office Depot]] anddan [[Wal-Mart]] hadtelah cutmemutuskan tieshubungan previouslysebelumnya ondengan environmentalalasan groundslingkungan,<ref name=autogenerated1>{{cite news |url= | work=The Wall Street Journal | first=Tom | last=Wright | title=Staples Cuts Off Paper Supplier | date=8 February 2008}}</ref> and these have been followed more recently by Australian retailer [[Woolworths Limited]].<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Woolworths drops contract with APP, activist group remains wary | |date=10 August 2008 |accessdate=7 June 2012}}</ref>
<!--In 2010, Patrick Moore, a former Greenpeace activist, describes APP as not responsible for deforestation but that it is caused mostly by locals “illegally encroaching on forests in search of better livelihoods. By employing Indonesian people, APP is reducing deforestation, as more employment means less poverty, which means less pressure to move into the forest.” <ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Why is a former Greenpeace activist siding with Indonesia’s logging industry? |publisher=The Guardian |date=02 December 2010 |accessdate=18 December 2013}}</ref>
In 2011, when asked if he believes APP is sincere in reforming its logging practices, Dorjee Sun, CEO of Carbon Conservation, stated that. “Change in large organizations always takes time, so our goal by 2020 is to build sustainability practices, targets and a roadmap with accountable milestones which will result in true sustainability throughout the entire corporation.” <ref>{{cite web|url= |title= What green thinkers think about green |publisher=CNN Money |date=06 April 2011 |accessdate=18 December 2013}}</ref>