Kerajaan Prancis: Perbedaan revisi

833 bita dihapus ,  7 tahun yang lalu
tidak ada ringkasan suntingan
|p1 = Kerajaan Franka
|flag_p1 = Karl der Große 800.jpg
|p2 = County of Toulouse
|flag_p2 = Flag of Occitania.svg
|p3 = Kerajaan Navarre
|flag_p3 = Bandera Navarra.svg
|p4 = Duchy of Lorraine
|flag_p4 = Lorraine.svg
|p5 = County of Artois
|flag_p5 = Artois flag.svg
|p6 = Pale of Calais
|flag_p6 = Flag of England.svg
|p7 = Free County of Burgundy
|flag_p7 = Blason Bourgogne-comté ancien(aigle).svg
|s1 = Republik Pertama Perancis
|flag_s1 = Flag of France (1790-1794).svg
|flag_type = RoyalStandar Standard<sup>a</sup>Royal
|image_flag = Royal Standard of the Kingdom of France.svg
|flag =
|national_motto = ''Montjoie Saint Denis!''
|national_anthem = ''[[Marche Henri IV]]''
|common_languages = Bahasa resmi:<br/>[[Bahasa Perancis|French]]<sup>b</sup>
|government_type = [[Monarki absolut]]
|title_leader = [[Raja Perancis|Raja]]
|leader1 = [[Charles Yang Botak]
|year_leader1 = 843–877
|leader2 = [[Louis XVI dari Perancis|Louis XVI]]
|religion = [[Katolik Roma]]
|currency = [[Livre Perancis|Livre]], [[Franc Perancis|Franc]],<br/>[[Écu]], [[Louis d'or]]
|footnotes = a. France had no official flag and national identity was loyalty to the King, as in other autocratic monarchies.<br/>b. Official language since the [[Ordinance of Villers-Cotterêts]].<br/>c. Retained only a limited legislative role.
'''Kerajaan Perancis''' ([[bahasa Perancis]]: ''Royaume de France'') merujuk pada status resmi lama di [[Perancis]].
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