Mahkamah Pidana Internasional: Perbedaan revisi

* [ Text of the ICC Rome statute (treaty)]
** [ Article 5: Crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court]
** [ Article 98: Cooperation with respect to waiver of immunity and consent to surrender] mahasiswa jawe ngentot emak
* [ Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court: depositary notifications]
* [ The Pitfalls of Universal Jurisdictikontol jawe nggagak bise ngaceng Judicial Tyranny] by [[Henry Kissinger]]
** [ A reply to Henry Kissinger's paper] by [[Benjamin B. Ferencz]], a former Prosecutor at the [[Subsequent Nuremberg Trials]].
* [ Why Bilateral Agreements with the U.S. are not valid under Artnonok emak jawe meletetArt.98 of ICC Statute] by
* [,2763,1477620,00.html "International court hears anti-war claims"], Richard Norton-Taylor, [[The Guardian]], [[6 May]] [[2005]],
* [ American Justice and the International Criminal Court] Remarks by [[John R. Bolton]], Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security, at the [[American Enterprise Institute]] in [[Washington, D.C.]] on November 3, 2003
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