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(RF Xtreme is international server based English and Portuguese Language,located in Brazil.)
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'''Kelompok pengguna''' di [[Wikipedia]] adalah penggolongan, secara manual ataupun otomatis, yang memberikan suatu hak untuk menggunakan suatu fitur perangkat lunak [[MediaWiki]] yang digunakan oleh [[Wikipedia]]. Seorang pengguna bisa tergabung lebih dari satu kelompok pengguna yang memberikannya hak akses atau fitur gabungan dari semua kelompok tersebut. Halaman ini menjelaskan kelompok pengguna yang ada di [[Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia]].
== XTGaminG Rising Force OnLine ==
XTGaminG RF is International Private Server Rising Force OnLine.Based English and Portuguese language.Onlince since 7 years ago.Located in Brazil.New Gaming with new secuity system.Dynamic [ Website] with good performance.Supported by friendly and kindly Management Staff.
== Pengguna biasa ==
If you're coming from other servers, because you're disappointed with "duppers" and the miss of commitment to the player or that "samething" ever you will be surprised with xTGaminG! We are in the server market private Rising Force Online
=== Pengguna anonim ===
Here you will find a team totally dedicated to your enjoyment and Fun, working 24 hours to guarantee all our services for you.
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The xTGaminG provides from:
[[Wikipedia:Pengguna anonim|Pengguna anonim]] atau disebut juga para [[Wikipedia:Pengguna anonim|Anon]] adalah para pengguna [[Wikipedia]] yang tidak masuk log. Para pengguna [[Wikipedia:Pengguna anonim|anon]] dapat menyunting halaman-halaman di [[Wikipedia]], sejauh bukan halaman yang dilindungi secara [[Wikipedia:Semi perlindungan|semi perlindungan]], dan [[Wikipedia:Perlindungan penuh|perlindungan penuh]]. Sama seperti pengguna terdaftar, suntingan [[WP:ANON|pengguna anonim]] juga akan dicatat di riwayat penyuntingan bersama-sama dengan [[alamat IP]] mereka.
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=== Pengguna terkonfirmasi otomatis ===
Licensed TeamSpeak with 500 Slots for access.
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Pengguna terkonfirmasi otomatis adalah akun-akun yang berumur lebih dari 4 hari dan telah melakukan minimal 10 suntingan. Status ini diperlukan untuk memindahkan halaman, menyunting halaman yang mendapat [[Wikipedia:Semi perlindungan|perlindungan semi]], dan [[Istimewa:Pengunggahan|memuat berkas baru]] atau memuat versi baru dari suatu berkas yang ada. [[Wikipedia:Pengguna terkonfirmasi otomatis|Pengguna yang otomatis dikonfirmasi]] tidak lagi perlu memasukkan [[CAPTCHA]] untuk tindakan-tindakan tertentu, seperti memasukkan [[Wikipedia:Pranala luar|pranala luar]] dalam artikel.
=== Pengguna terkonfirmasi ===
Game CP developed with high technology and security.
Pengguna terkonfirmasi adalah pengguna baru yang diset sebagai pengguna terkonfirmasi otomatis meskipun belum melewati ambang batas yang telah ditetapkan. Tidak ada pengguna yang [{{FULLURL:Istimewa:Daftar_pengguna|group=confirmed}} berstatus ini] di Wikipedia Indonesia.
The RF Online Host Located in Dallas, Texas, port traffic with 1000mbps without worrying about lag.
== Editor dan peninjau ==
The best equipments for FREE and DONOR Players existing on private servers, the only server with all the equipments in circulation In Game available for acquisition by the points in GameCP.
=== Editor ===
The xTGaminG works with the international language for better interaction of the players (English), the only server totally free of prejudice and discrimination of any nationality.
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=== Peninjau ===
The XTGaminG strategy to guarantee your security and exclusivity with your items of importance and "donations" within the game reached a position to claim that there are not any such "duppers" itens outstanding in the
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== Pengurus, birokrat, dan steward ==
Be Surprised with new maps, with the new moobs up, new armor, our security area, new weapons and challenges recreated by our team within the RF Online.
=== Pengurus ===
Go check to the enemy´s HQ with one of the teleporters that leads your character to any enemy HQ.
Fights 24 hours, at any time on any map you find matches, with the PvP system created, the dispute over territory becomes boring and endless; disputes control of Guild and Race protection, fighting with 1 x 1 the strongest, where you go or are you going to hunt or be hunted!
=== Birokrat ===
With our system AutoUpdate you can never be outdated, only a simply click on the Launcher and your RF Xtreme updates itself without that need to be looking to have "patch" again, where you have to download and get lost in the news.
The RF Xtreme has a custom installer in the download area of the site, making you forget it if YOU have to download from other servers, which version you have to download, it works with a "mixs" of other customers. Simply choose from one of our download managers click on the Launcher and ready! already logged in without any problems.
=== Steward ===
Your security making donations is in the first place! transactions are made only by means of financial managers; we work only with PayPal and PagSeguro Companies.
You coming to the Xtreme Rising Force Online. Welcome! Do not hesitate to contact us for any doubts.
== Fungsi khusus ==
=== Pemeriksa ===
For full viewing of the forum is necessary to sign in even with a valid e-mail for confirmation.
You already with us, Thank you for entrusting your enjoyment to us!
=== Pengawas ===
xTGaminG Staff
=== Bot ===
=== Pembuat akun ===
Tidak ada pengguna yang [{{FULLURL:Istimewa:Daftar_pengguna|group=accountcreator}} berstatus ini] di Wikipedia Indonesia.
=== Importir dan importir transwiki ===
Tidak ada pengguna yang berstatus [{{FULLURL:Istimewa:Daftar_pengguna|group=import}} importir] dan [{{FULLURL:Istimewa:Daftar_pengguna|group=transwiki}} importir transwiki] di Wikipedia Indonesia.
=== Pengecualian pemblokiran IP ===
Daftar pengguna [{{FULLURL:Istimewa:Daftar_pengguna|group=ipblock-exempt}} berstatus ini] di Wikipedia Indonesia.
== Lihat pula ==
* [[Istimewa:Daftar hak kelompok|Hak kelompok pengguna]] - halaman istimewa yang mencantumkan daftar hak masing-masing kelompok pengguna secara otomatis berdasarkan pengaturan perangkat lunak MediaWiki di Wikipedia Indonesia.
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