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The last manuscript in the Chester Beatty Papyri, XII, contains chapters 97-107 of the [[Book of Enoch]] and portions of an unknown Christian homily attributed to [[Melito of Sardis]]. The manuscript is placed in the 4th century. The Book of Enoch is listed as "The Epistle of Enoch" in the manuscript. Chapters 105 and 108 are not included, and scholars believe they were later additions. XII is the only Greek witness to certain parts of Enoch. As for the homily, XII was the only known copy of the text at the time of its discovery. Two manuscripts which contain the text, ''[[Bodmer Papyri|P. Bodmer]]'' XIII and ''[[Oxyrhynchus Papyri|P. Oxy.]]'' 1600, have since been found. The manuscript also contains the only manuscript witness to the [[Apocryphon of Ezekiel]], although it is cited by [[Clement of Alexandria]] (''Paedagogus'' I. ix. 84.2–4). Overall, the handwriting is rough and most likely from a scribe who did not know Greek well. Campbell Bonner of the University of Michigan published this manuscript in his 1937 ''The Last Chapters of Enoch in Greek'' and 1940 ''The Homily on the Passion by Metito Bishop of Sardis''. {{clear}}
== Berkaitan dengan Kedokteran ==
'''Papirus Kedokteran Chester Beatty''' ({{lang-en|Chester Beatty Medical Papyrus}} atau '''Chester Beatty Papyri 46''' (Papyrus no. 10686, [[British Museum]])) merupakan suatu manuskrip papirus [[Mesir kuno]], berisi hal-hal yang berkaitan dengan [[kedokteran]] dan pengobatan. Didedikasikan kepadakan inkantasi sihir untuk melawan sakit kepala<REF NAME="MARRY-2004"/> dan pengobatan penyakit "''[[:en:proctology|anorectal ailments|proktologilanorektal]]''",<REF NAME="MARRY-2004"/><REF NAME="BANOV-1965">Banov 1965, dari judul (teks tidak diakses).</ref> yaitu sejenis penyakit anorektal (bagian dubur).<ref>"Papyrus VI of the Chester Beatty Papyri 46 (Papyrus no. 10686, [[British Museum]]) also contains some recipes dealing with anorectal diseases." Boutsis, C.; Ellis, Harold (1974). "The ivalon-sponge-wrap operation for rectal prolapse: An experience with 26 patients." ''Diseases of the Colon & Rectum'', Volume 17, Number 1, January 1974.[]</ref> Bertarikh sekitar 1200 SM. Sekarang menjadi bagian koleksi [[Alfred Chester Beatty]], di kalangan tertentu dirujuk hanya sebagai '''Chester Beatty Papyri''',<REF NAME="MARRY-2004">Marry 2004.</ref> meskipun nama kependekan ini lebih umum digunakan untuk merujuk naskah-naskah pada koleksi yang sama yang berhubungan dengan [[Alkitab]] (lengkapnya disebut '''Chester Beatty Biblical Papyri''').
== Lihat pula ==
* [[Daftar Papirus Perjanjian Baru]]
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*Banov, L., Jr. (1965). "The Chester Beatty Medical Papyrus: the earliest known treatise completely devoted to anorectal diseases." PubMed.[]
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*Viso, L.; Uriach, J. (1995). "The 'Guardians of the anus' and their practice." ''International Journal of Colorectal Disease'', Volume 10, Number 4, October 1995.[]
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