Dassault Mirage IV: Perbedaan revisi

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|image= Image:Mirage IV DN-ST-87-02585.JPEG
|caption= Mirage IV
|type= Supersonic [[, strategic bomber]]
|national origin=France
|manufacturer= [[Dassault Aviation]]
|retired= 1996 all bomber variants<br />2005 all reconnaissance variants
|status= Retired
|primary user= [[FrenchAngkatan AirUdara ForcePerancis]]
|more users=
|produced= 1963–1968
'''Dassault Mirage IV''' adalah sebuah pesawat berpendorong mesin jet [[Perancis]] pengebom supersonik strategis dan merupakan pesawat pengintai . Selama bertahun-tahun Dassault Mirage IV adalah bagian penting dari triad nuklir , ''Force de Frappe'' .
== Operator ==
* [[FrenchAngkatan AirUdara ForcePerancis]]
== Specifikasi (Mirage IVA) ==
[[Berkas:Mirage IVP - CI.jpg|thumb|300px|Sebuah pesawat Mirage IV P Perancis]]
[[Berkas:Mirage IVP - CICF.jpg|thumb|A300px|Sebuah Frenchpesawat Mirage IVP onIV tarmacPerancis]]
{{aircraft specifications
|ref=Pénétration Augmentation <ref name="Pene p166">Jackson 1987, p.166.</ref>
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|crew=two: pilot & [[navigator]]/[[bombardier]]
|length main=23.49 m
|length alt=77 ft 1 in
|more performance=*'''Climb to 11,000 m (36,100 ft):''' 4 min 15 sec
* [[Thomson-CSF]] navigation radar
* Doppler navigation
* CT-52 sensor pod for strategic [[reconnaissance]]
|bombs=<br />
** 1× [[AN-11 bomb|AN-11]] free-fall nuclear bomb ''or''
** 1× [[AN-22 bomb|AN-22]] free-fall nuclear bomb ''or''
** 16× 454 kg (1,000 lb) free-fall conventional bombs
== Album ==
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