Penghargaan Grammy ke-54: Perbedaan revisi

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| caption =
|nomination ceremony= [[30 November]] [[2011]]
|date= [[12 Februari]] [[2012]] <br />1:00–3:30 p.m. [[Zona Waktu Pasifik|PST]] <small>(Perayaan Pra-Siaran)</small><br />
5:00–8:30 p.m. PST <small>(Malam Puncak)</small>
| venue = [[Staples Center]], [[Los Angeles]], [[California]]
|[[Bruce Springsteen]]<br />[[The E Street Band]]
|"[[We Take Care of Our Own]]"
|"[[Runaway Baby]]"
|[[Alicia Keys]]<br />[[Bonnie Raitt]]
|'''Tribute to [[Etta James]]'''<br />"[[A Sunday Kind of Love]]"
|[[Chris Brown|Chris Brown]]
|"[[Turn Up the Music (lagu)|Turn Up the Music]]" <br /> "[[Beautiful People (Chris Brown song)|Beautiful People]]"
|[[Jason Aldean]]<br />[[Kelly Clarkson]]
|"[[Don't You Wanna Stay]]"
|"[[Walk (Foo Fighters song)|Walk]]"
| [[Rihanna]] <br /> [[Coldplay]]
|"[[We Found Love]]" <br />"[[Princess of China]]" <br />"[[Paradise (Coldplay song)|Paradise]]"
|[[Maroon 5]] <br /> [[Foster the People]]<br />[[The Beach Boys]]
|'''Celebrating the Beach Boys' 50th anniversary'''<br />"[[Surfer Girl (song)|Surfer Girl]]" <br />"[[Wouldn't It Be Nice]]" <br />"[[Good Vibrations]]"
|[[Paul McCartney]] <br /> [[Diana Krall]] <br /> [[Joe Walsh]]
|"[[My Valentine]]"
|[[Katy Perry]]
|"[[E.T. (song)|E.T.]]" <br />"[[Part of Me (Katy Perry song)|Part of Me]]"
|[[Adele (singer)|Adele]]
|"[[Rolling in the Deep]]"
|[[The Band Perry]] <br /> [[Blake Shelton]] <br /> [[Glen Campbell]]
|'''Homage to [[Glen Campbell]]'''<br />"[[Gentle on My Mind (song)|Gentle on My Mind]]" <br /> "[[Southern Nights (lagu)|Southern Nights]]" <br />"[[Rhinestone Cowboy]]"
|[[Tony Bennett]] <br /> [[Carrie Underwood]]
|"[[It Had to Be You (song)|It Had to Be You]]"
|[[Jennifer Hudson]]
|'''Tribute to [[Whitney Houston]]'''<br />"[[I Will Always Love You]]"
|[[Chris Brown]] <br /> [[David Guetta]] <br /> [[Lil Wayne]] <br /> [[Foo Fighters]] <br /> [[deadmau5]]
|"I Can Only Imagine" <br /> "[[Rope (lagu)|Rope]]" <br /> "[[Raise Your Weapon]]"
|[[Nicki Minaj]]
|"Roman Holiday"
|[[Paul McCartney]] <br /> [[Bruce Springsteen]] <br /> [[Dave Grohl]] <br /> [[Joe Walsh]] <br /> [[Rusty Anderson]] <br /> [[Brian Ray]] <br /> [[Paul Wickens]] <br />[[Abe Laboriel, Jr.]]
|"[[Golden Slumbers]]" <br /> "[[Carry That Weight]]" <br /> "[[The End (The Beatles song)|The End]]"
=== Pop ===
;Best Pop Solo Performance
'''"[[Someone Like You (lagu Adele)|Someone Like You]]" – [[Adele]]'''
*''[[Loud (Rihanna album)|Loud]]'' – [[Rihanna]]
=== Dance/Electronica ===
;Best Dance Recording
'''"[[Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (song)|Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites]]" – [[Skrillex]]'''
*''[[Body Talk Pt. 3]]'' – [[Robyn]]
=== Traditional Pop ===
;Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album
'''''[[Duets II (Tony Bennett album)|Duets II]]'' – [[Tony Bennett]]'''
*''[[What Matters Most]]'' – [[Barbra Streisand]]
=== Rock ===
;Best Rock Performance
'''"[[Walk (Foo Fighters song)|Walk]]" – [[Foo Fighters]]'''
*''[[The King of Limbs]]'' – [[Radiohead]]
=== R&B ===
;Best R&B Performance
'''"[[Is This Love (Bob Marley & The Wailers song)|Is This Love]]" – [[Corinne Bailey Rae]]'''
*''[[Kelly (album)|Kelly]]'' – [[Kelly Price]]
=== Rap ===
;Best Rap Performance
'''"[[Otis (song)|Otis]]" – [[Jay-Z]] & [[Kanye West]] featuring [[Otis Redding]]'''
*''[[Pink Friday]]'' – [[Nicki Minaj]]
=== Country ===
;Best Country Solo Performance
'''"[[Mean (song)|Mean]]" – [[Taylor Swift]]'''
*''[[Own the Night]]'' – [[Lady Antebellum]]
=== New Age ===
;Best New Age Album
'''[[What's It All About (Pat Metheny album)|What's It All About]]'' – [[Pat Metheny]]'''
*''Instrumental Oasis, Vol. 6'' – [[Zamora (pianist)|Zamora]]
=== Jazz ===
;Best Improvised Jazz Solo
'''"500 Miles High" – [[Chick Corea]]'''
*''Alma Adentro: The Puerto Rican Songbook'' – [[Miguel Zenón]]
=== Gospel/Contemporary Christian ===
;Best Gospel/Contemporary Christian Music Performance
'''"Jesus" – [[Sunday Best (Season 3)|Le'Andria Johnson]]'''
*''[[Black & White (Royal Tailor album)|Black & White]]'' – [[Royal Tailor]]
=== Latin ===
;Best Latin Pop, Rock or Urban Album
'''''[[Drama y Luz]]'' – [[Maná (band)|Maná]]'''
*''Mongorama'' – José Rizo's Mongorama
=== American Roots Music ===
;Best Americana Album
'''''[[Ramble at the Ryman]]'' – [[Levon Helm]]'''
*''Not Just Another Polka'' – [[Jimmy Sturr]] & His Orchestra
=== Reggae ===
;Best Reggae Album
'''''Revelation Pt 1: The Root of Life'' – [[Stephen Marley (musician)|Stephen Marley]]'''
*''[[Summer in Kingston]]'' – [[Shaggy (musician)|Shaggy]]
=== World Music ===
;Best World Music Album
'''''[[Tassili (album)|Tassili]]'' – [[Tinariwen]]'''
*''Songs from a Zulu Farm'' – [[Ladysmith Black Mambazo]]
=== Children's ===
;Best Children's Album
'''''All About Bullies... Big and Small'' – Various Artists'''
*''I Love: Tom T. Hall's Songs of Fox Hollow'' – Various Artists
=== Spoken Word ===
;Best Spoken Word Album (Includes Poetry, Audio Books & Story Telling)
'''''If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won't)'' – [[Betty White]]'''
*''The Mark of Zorro'' – [[Val Kilmer]] & Cast
=== Comedy ===
;Best Comedy Album
'''''[[Hilarious (album)|Hilarious]]'' – [[Louis C.K.]]'''
*''[[Turtleneck & Chain]]'' – [[The Lonely Island]]
=== Musical Show ===
;Best Musical Theater Album
'''[[The Book of Mormon: Original Broadway Cast Recording]]'''
**[[John Larroquette]] & [[Daniel Radcliffe]], principal soloists; Robert Sher, producer ([[Frank Loesser]], composer/lyricist)
=== Music for Visual Media ===
;Best Compilation Soundtrack for Visual Media
'''''[[Boardwalk Empire]] Volume 1'' – Various Artists'''''
*"[[Road to the North Pole|Christmastime Is Killing Us]]" ''(from [[Family Guy]])''
**[[Ron Jones (composer)|Ron Jones]], [[Seth MacFarlane]] & [[Danny Smith (writer)|Danny Smith]], songwriters (Danny Smith, Ron Jones & Seth MacFarlane)
*"[[Winnie_the_Pooh_Winnie the Pooh (film)#Soundtrack|So Long]]" ''(from [[Winnie the Pooh (film)|Winnie the Pooh]])''
**[[Zooey Deschanel]], songwriter (Zooey Deschanel & [[M. Ward]])
*"[[Footloose (2011 film)#Music|Where the River Goes]]" ''(from [[Footloose (2011 film)|Footloose]])''
**Diane Warren, songwriter ([[Cher]])
=== Composing/Arranging ===
;Best Instrumental Composition
'''"[[Rocket Science (Béla Fleck and the Flecktones album)|Life in Eleven]]"'''
**[[William Ross (composer)|William A. Ross]], arranger ([[Barbra Streisand]])
=== Package ===
;Best Recording Package
'''''[[Scenes from The Suburbs]]'''''
**David Gorman, art director ([[Wingless Angels (band)|Wingless Angels]])
=== Notes ===
;Best Album Notes
'''''Hear Me Howling!: Blues, Ballads & Beyond as Recorded by the San Francisco Bay by Chris Strachwitz in the 1960s'''''
**Alec Palao, album notes writer (Various Artists)
=== Historical ===
;Best Historical Album
'''''[[Band on the Run]] (Paul McCartney Archive Collection – Deluxe Edition)'''''
**Ernst Mikael Jorgensen, compilation producer; Vic Anesini, mastering engineer ([[Elvis Presley]])
=== Production ===
;Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical
'''''[[Paper Airplane (album)|Paper Airplane]]'''''
**[[deadmau5]], remixer ([[Foo Fighters]])
=== Production, Surround Sound ===
;Best Surround Sound Album
'''''[[Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs]] (Super Deluxe Edition)'''''
**Andreas Spreer, surround mix engineer; Robin Schmidt & Andreas Spreer, surround mastering engineer; Andreas Spreer, surround producer (Camerata Freden)
=== Production, Classical ===
;Best Engineered Album, Classical
'''''Aldridge: Elmer Gantry'''''
**The Vanishing Nordic Chorale (Philip Spray & Musik Ekklesia)
=== Classical ===
;Best Orchestral Performance
'''"Brahms: Symphony No. 4"'''
*"Ruders, Poul: Piano Concerto No. 2" – Poul Ruders
=== Music Video ===
;Best Short Form Music Video
'''"[[Rolling in the Deep]]" – [[Adele (singer)|Adele]]'''
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