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:''"Copyright is a temporary monopoly granted by the government -- it creates the legal fiction that a piece of writing or composing ... is property and can only be sold by those who have been licensed to do so by the copyright holder".'' -- [[Orson Scott Card]] Note that it is limited to the form of expression, not to the ideas. Thus, a book by Agatha Christie is likely to be copyrighted, but a book about a detective with an accent and odd personal mannerisms would not be, nor would a story about someone claiming to be the premier consulting detective in a major city be a violation of the Conan Doyle copyrights on Sherlock Holmes stories. Ideas and facts are not copyrightable in most places, only the form of expression of them.
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:Artikel-artikel Wikipedia seluruhnya adalah [[isi terbuka]] dan diberi lisensi [[GNU Free Documentation License]] (GFDL). Seluruh karya yang ditambahkan ke dalam Wikipedia dilisensikan di bawah [[Wikipedia:Teks Lisensi Creative Commons Atribusi-PembagianSerupa 3.0|Lisensi Atribusi/Berbagi Serupa Creative Commons 3.0]] atau yang lebih baru, dan para kontributor harus menyetujui untuk melepas kontribusi mereka di bawah lisensi tersebut agar kontribusi mereka dapat disunting dan didistribusikan ulang.