Kucing kuwuk: Perbedaan revisi

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== Karakteristik ==
Kucing batu berukuran seperti [[Kucing|kucing domestik]], tapi ia lebih ramping dengan [[kaki]] panjang dan [[selaput]] yang jelas antara [[jari]] kaki. Kepala kecil mereka ditandai dengan dua garis-garis gelap menonjol, dan moncong putih yang pendek dan sempit mereka. Terdapat dua garis-garis, yang pertama garis gelap yang memanjang dari [[mata]] ke [[telinga]], dan garis-garis putih kecil dari mata ke [[hidung]]. Bagian belakang telinga agak panjang, bulat, berwarna hitam dan putih ditengah. Tubuh dan [[tungkai]] ditandai dengan bintik-bintik hitam dengan ukuran dan warna yang berbeda, dan di sepanjang [[punggung]] ada 2-4 baris bintik-bintik memanjang. Ukuran [[ekor]] adalah setengah ukuran kepala dan badan mereka dan berbintik dengan beberapa cincin hitam yang tidak jelas dekat ujung yang berwarna hitam. <!--The background color of their spotted fur is tawny with a white chest and belly. But in their huge range, they vary so much in coloration and size of spots as well as in body size and weight that initially they were thought to be several different [[Species (biology)|species]]. The fur color is yellowish brown in the southern populations, but pale silver-grey in the northern ones. The black markings may be spotted, rosetted, or even forming dotted streaks, depending on the subspecies. In the [[tropics]], leopard cats weigh {{convert|0.55|to|3.8|kg|lb|abbr=on}}, have a head-body-length of {{convert|38.8|to|66|cm|in|abbr=on}} with a {{convert|17.2|to|31|cm|in|abbr=on}} long tail. In northern China and [[Siberia]], they weigh up to {{convert|7.1|kg|lb|abbr=on}}, and have a head-body-length of up to {{convert|75|cm|in|abbr=on}}; generally, they put on weight before winter and become thinner until spring.<ref name=WCoW>{{cite book |author=Sunquist, M., Sunquist, F. |year=2002 |title= Wild cats of the World |publisher=University of Chicago Press |location= Chicago |pages= 225–232 |isbn= 0-226-77999-8 |url= http://books.google.com/books?id=hFbJWMh9-OAC&lpg=PP1&dq=Wild%20cats%20of%20the%20world&pg=PA226#v=onepage&q&f=false}}</ref> Shoulder height is about {{convert|41|cm|in|abbr=on}}.-->
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