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People attempting to establish rural service via a Wireless ISP, ISDN, or T-1 will run into an additional cost issue, where the physical connection (or [[local loop]]) is considered separate from the actual Internet service provided from a [[Point of Presence]] (POP). This is as if you had to pay the water utility to rent the water main in the ground, in addition to paying to get water delivered through the main from the tower. For a T-1, for example, in the US the loop alone may cost $1200 per month, and the 1.5 megabit per second business-class Internet service (with fixed a [[IP address]] and a [[subnetwork|subnet]]) may cost an additional $1000 per month. Attempting to reduce monthly costs by establishing your own non-profit Wi-Fi network and sharing the T-1 connection costs has an additional pitfall: your service provider may want to charge you an additional "ISP reseller's fee" of $800 per month.
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* {{En}} [http://www.sims.berkeley.edu/~bigyale/BroadbandIndustryStructure.ppt Broadband Industry Structure]
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