Abhinavagupta: Perbedaan revisi

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'''Abhinavagupta''' (Sansekerta '''अभिनवगुप्त''') (fl. c. [[975]] - [[1025]]) [[filsuf]] dan [[sastrawan]] [[Sansekerta]]. He was born in [[Kashmir]] and he wrote on [[Shaivism]], [[aesthetics]], [[music]], and a variety of other subjects. His two famous commentaries on [[poetry]], [[drama]], and [[dance]], the [[Locana]] on the [[Dhvanyaloka]] and the [[Abhinavabharati]] on the [[Natyasastra]] engage with almost every important aspect of Indian aesthetics.
Abhinava is also considered the greatest [[exegesis|exegetical]] [[theology|theologian]] of the [[Kashmir Shaivism|Shaiva]] tradition in the [[mediaeval]] period. A prolific and [[polymath]]ic writer, he authored dozens of works, only some of which survive to the present day. Weaving together citations from dozens of authoritative [[scriptures]], his monumental encyclopedic work the ''Tantraaloka'' or ''Light on the [[Tantra]]s'' is one of the greatest accomplishments in Indian theology. Its discourse moves amongst the realms of rigorous [[logic]]al philosophy, scripturally-grounded theology, and personal [[mysticism|mystical]] experience. It influenced theological thought and the understanding of the inner meaning of ritual in the ''[[Shaiva]]'' and ''[[Shakta]]'' spheres for centuries afterward.