Kabacan, Cotabato: Perbedaan revisi

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* Tamped
== Tempat-tempat menarik ==
*Pisan Cave at Pisan, Kabacan. Full of snakes and bats. Recommended for snakes hunters or wild life hunting.
*Waterfalls and spring at Tamped, Kabacan. Camping, swimming and natural attraction
*Nangaan Cliff located at Nangaan, Kabacan. Wildlife hunting and trekking.
*Nangaan Caves and Waterfalls. Fishing, swimming and picnic.
*Kabuling Waterfalls located at Simbuhay, Kabacan. Fishing, boating camping and caving.
*Simbuhay Waterfalls located at Simbuhay, Kabacan. Fishing and natural attraction.
*Matibuhaw Cave located at Simbuhay, Kabcan. Caving and natural attraction.
*Kalasan Waterfalls located at Pedtad, Kabacan. Natural attraction, boating /fishing.
*Crocodile Farm located at Cuyapon, Kabacan. It has a natural attraction, fishing.
*Garngan Spring Resort located at Katidtuan, Kabacan. Architectural, swimming and picnics.
*University of Southern Mindanao located at Kabacan town proper. A State University with research and training centers, open amphitheaters, sports facilities and pilot agricultural projects.
*Waterland Resort, Osias, Kabacan, Cotabato
== Pranala luar ==