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In [[2001]] a dispute arose between [[Denmark|Danish]] toymaker [[LEGO]] and several Māori tribal groups fronted by lawyer Maui Solomon, and also several members of an online discussion forum [[Aotearoa Cafe]], over the popular [[LEGO]] toy line [[Bionicle]]. The product line used many words that were an appropriation of Māori language, imagery and folklore. The dispute was settled amicably. Initially LEGO refused to withdraw the game, saying the names it used were drawn from many cultures, but later agreed that it had taken the names from Māori and agreed to change certain names or spellings to help set the toy line apart from the Māori legends. This, however, did not prevent the many Bionicle users from continuing to use the disputed words, resulting in the popular Bionicle website [[BZPower]] coming under a [[denial-of-service attack]] for four days by an attacker using the name Kotiate [,1284,56451,00.html?tw=wn_story_related].-->
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