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For conspicuous gallantry on the 17th of January, 1858, at Shumsabad, in going to the assistance of Private Kidd, who had been
wounded, and his horse disabled, and bringing him out from a large number of rebels. Despatch from Major-General Sir James Hope
Grant, K.C.B., dated 8th April, 1858.<ref>{{en}} [[London Gazette|issue=]]: no. 22212|startpage=, h. 5512|date=, 24 DecemberDesember 1858|accessdate=. Diakses 26 September 2009}}.</ref>}}
{{quote|Pasukan Sersan-Mayor Spence<br>
==Pranala luar==
*{{en}} [http://www.homeusers.prestel.co.uk/stewart/lonsouth.htm Location of grave and VC medal] ''(S. London)''
{{Museum Derby}}
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| NAME = Spence, David
| SHORT DESCRIPTION = Victoria Cross holder
| DATE OF BIRTH = 1818
| PLACE OF BIRTH = [[Inverkeithing]], [[Fife]]
| DATE OF DEATH = 17 April 1877
| PLACE OF DEATH = [[Lambeth]], [[London]]
{{DEFAULTSORT:Spence, David}}
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