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Kemuning (''Murraya paniculata'') adalah tumbuhan dari famili Rutaceae
[[Image:Murraya paniculata1.jpg|thumb|left|''M. paniculata'' in flower pots]]
[[Image:Murraya paniculata fruits closeup.jpg|thumb|left|Fruit of the Chinese box]]
Orange Jessamine is a small, tropical, evergreen tree or shrub growing up to 7 m tall. The plant flowers throughout the year. Its leaves are [[glabrous]] and glossy, occurring in 3-7 oddly [[pinnate]] [[leaflet]]s which are elliptic to cuneate-obovate to rhombic. [[Flower]]s are terminal, [[corymbose]], few-flowered, dense and fragrant. Petals are 12–18&nbsp;mm long, recurved and white (or fading cream). The fruit of ''Murraya paniculata'' is fleshy, oblong-ovoid, coloured red to orange, and grows up to 1&nbsp;inch in length.<ref name=Gilman>Gilman, Edward F. Factsheet FPS-416, October 1999; [[University of Florida]] Cooperative Extension Service, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences; from retrieved on 28 June, 2007</ref>