Observatorium angkasa: Perbedaan revisi

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* Teleskop Ruang Angkasa Hubble (HST)<!--, now known as [[Hubble Space Telescope]] (HST) is the optical Great Observatory. It was launched to great acclaim and soon after discovered to be flawed. Its main [[mirror]] contained imperfections in its grinding that resulted from a certain production limitation being accounted for twice. It has now been fitted with the equivalent of spectacles to compensate for this.-->
* ComptonObservatorium [[gamma ray|Gamma ray]] ObservatoryCompton (GROCGRO)<!--, since renamed to The [[Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory]], had to be disposed of after several years of productive life. Its [[gyroscope]]s began to fail and when it was down to its last gyroscope, the choice was to risk losing control or destroying the observatory. NASA de-orbited the bus-sized [[satellite]] into the [[Pacific Ocean]] in [[2000]].-->
* Observatorium [[Chandra Xsinar-ray ObservatoryX]] <!--are also represented in the Great Observatories, with the [[Chandra X-ray Observatory]], renamed (from AXAF) in honor of the great Indian astrophysicist [[Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar|Chandrasekhar]]. This has been used to great effect to study distant [[galaxy|galaxies]] and is still operational.-->
* [[SpitzerTeleskop SpaceRuang TelescopeAngkasa]] <!--is the fourth observatory, originally called the Space Infrared Telescope Facility, SIRTF, launched on [[August 24]], [[2003]].-->
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