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|location_country = [[Amerika Serikat]]
|area_served = Seluruh dunia
|key_people = [[William Clay Ford, Jr.|William C. Ford, Jr.]]<br /><small>([[Chairman|Executive Chairman]])</small><br />[[Alan Mulally|Alan R. Mulally]]<br /><small>([[President]] & [[Chief executive officer|CEO]])</small>
|industry = [[Otomotif]]
|products = [[Mobil]]<br />[[Suku cadang kendaraan]]
|revenue = {{increase}} 128.954 billion <small>(2010)</small><ref>{{cite web|url=|title=2010 Form 10K, Ford Motor Company|publisher=United States Securities and Exchange Commission}}</ref>
|operating_income = {{increase}} 7.149 billion <small>(2010)</small>
|num_employees = 164,000 <small>(2010)</small>
|parent =
|divisions = [[Lincoln (perusahaan otomotif)|Lincoln]] <br /> [[Mazda]] <br /> [[Aston Martin]] <br /> [[Mercury (perusahaan otomotif)|Mercury]] <br /> Ford
|company_slogan = {{flagicon|United States}} Drive one.<br />{{flagicon|United States}} Have you driven a Ford lately?<br />{{flagicon|United States}} Built Ford Tough<br />{{flagicon|Kanada}} Powered by You<br />{{flagicon|Europe}} Feel the difference<br />Make Everyday Exciting<br />{{flagicon|World}} One Ford
|homepage = []
|dissolved =
* {{id}} [ PT. Ford Motor Indonesia]
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