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*[ Selected odes], marked up to show selected rhetorical and poetic devices
*[ Olympian 1], read aloud in Greek, with text and English translation provided
*[ Pythian 3], translated by Frank J. Nisetich
*[ Pythian 8], 'Approaching Pindar' by William Harris (text, translation, analysis)
*[ Pindar] by Gregory Crane, in the [[Perseus Project|Perseus Encyclopedia]]
*[ Pindar's Life] by [[Basil Lanneau Gildersleeve|Basil L. Gildersleeve]], in ''Pindar: The Olympian and Pythian Odes''
*[ Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University], Pindar, Olympian Odes, I, 1–64; read by William Mullen
*[ Perseus Digital Library Lexicon to Pindar], William J. Slater, De Gruyter 1969: scholarly dictionary for research into Pindar
'''Historic editions'''
*[ The Odes of Pindar] translated into English with notes, D.W.Turner, A Moore, Bohm Classical Library (1852), digitalized by Google
*[ Encyclopaedia Britannica 11th ed. 1911 Vol.21 'Pindar']
*[ Pindar] – translations and notes by Reverend C.A.Wheelwright, printed by A.J.Valpy, M.A., London (1830): digitalized by Google
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