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: per your post my en:talk I've undone my edit here. I've not actually looked at any of what you've pointed me at, but will; I'm essentially on wiki-break for the next few weeks; real-life rulz. Happy New Year, [[User:Jack Merridew|Jack Merridew]] (real name David) 18:14, 1 Januari 2011 (UTC)
: and see: [[w:User talk:Dr. Blofeld#Subulussalam]]. I will continue moving your maps up when I get some wiki-time available. Terima kasih. [[User:Jack Merridew|Jack Merridew]] 07:35, 3 Januari 2011 (UTC)
== I need your input on two maps ==
Please see:
* [[Commons:File:Lokasi Nusa Tenggara Timur Kabupaten Flores Timur.svg]] dan
* [[Commons:File:Lokasi Nusa Tenggara Timur Kabupaten Lembata.svg]]
I believe two islands may be indicated in red on the wrong maps; specifically the [[Pulau Solor]]/[[w:Solor]] and [[Pulau Adonara]]/[[w:Adonara]] should be part of [[Kabupaten Lembata]], not [[Kabupaten Flores Timur]]. Of course, the problem may be that [[w:Solor Archipelago]] doesn't agree with the en:pulau artices or the id:wp articles... I can edit these in Adobe Illustrator, but have only just now downloaded Inkscape; as it was done in Inkscape, any change should prolly be made using it, too, as the svg code AI emits is all different ;)
I've moved a lot of these maps to Commons and have gotten them into use on dozens of wiki. I'd love it if you could crank out more. Oh, there's still the issue of Kota Subulussalam... I've not heard back from Dr B... Best wishes, [[User:Jack Merridew|Jack Merridew]] 09:50, 2 Februari 2011 (UTC)
== Permintaan pembuatan peta ==