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I'm uploading a lot of your locator maps to Commons. This one, however, seems quite wrong. Kota Subulussalam is up on the north coast. I expect this is just a simple mistake; pasted the wrong file name, or something. Please excuse my English; my Bahasa Indonesia is lame in the extreme. I'll point Revi at this thread and he can probably help sort the communications out. I also see that you've not edited here in months, so best wishes... wiki rolls on. Oh, and terima kasih re all the other maps; nice work ;) Cheers, [[User:Jack Merridew|Jack Merridew]] 19:45, 24 Desember 2010 (UTC)
: per your post my en:talk I've undone my edit here. I've not actually looked at any of what you've pointed me at, but will; I'm essentially on wiki-break for the next few weeks; real-life rulz. Happy New Year, [[User:Jack Merridew|Jack Merridew]] (real name David) 18:14, 1 Januari 2011 (UTC)