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The "Bebaskan Pengetahuan 2010" (BP2010) is a three month program developed by Wikimedia Indonesia to leverage public participation to improve Indonesian language Wikipedia articles. It is a pilot project to introduce the Wikimedia mission "Free Knowledge" worldwide. The ultimate goal is to provide an open source of information for everyone. The competition targets talented young writers from Universities and partners with mainstream media. By providing information and inspiring discourse, Wikimedia is hoping to promote a stronger demand for improved information and increased community participation from the local to national level.
AdelheidLukianto became interested in joining the program after seeing a poster advertisement, apply internally, and later on his participation was confirm by his lecturer, Erwin Sentausa. Each University is permitted to submit no more than nine of their best students as participants to compete on behalf of the University. As one of the chosen nine, Lukianto competed on behalf of the Faculty of Biotechnology at Atma Jaya Chatolic University, Jakarta. According to the Project Director supervisor Siska Doviana, during his three months competition, Lukianto has been resourceful, creative, a fast learner and a persistent participant. Some of positive feedback he receives from the Jury regarding to his articles were "detailed", "easy to understand" and "comprehensive".
Lukianto successfully wrote 53 (fifty three) high-quality articles within 72 days of competition. Lukianto's long and short articles were consistent, covering specific topics of biology from bacteria, chemical substance, diseases to biology processes. Lukianto hard work culminated when he receives fourth place during the second round and wins a laptop. Lukianto success in completing the competition also made him one of only seventeen participants in Indonesia (out of an initial 90) who managed to complete the demanding three month competition.