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== Lihat pula ==
* [[Alur pelayaran]]
* [[Navigasi]]
== Galeri ==
== Pranala luar ==
* [ The Lighthouse Directory] Research tool with details of over 9000 lighthouses and navigation lights around the world with photos and links.
* [ Lighthouse Explorer Website] The Lighthouse Explorer Database, with over 7500 lighthouses listed in searchable format, with information, photos, maps and other information
* [ The WWW Virtual Library: The World's Lighthouses, Lightships & Lifesaving Stations] Links to a variety of lighthouse related resources on the web
* [ Guide to Lighthouses] A growing gallery of Lighthouses images and history
* [ Lighthouses and beacons on Planete-TP]
* [ Volume 7, US Coast Guard Lightlist] in PDF Format.
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