Intel 80386: Perbedaan revisi

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[[Image:CPUs old.jpg|thumb|300px|right|Intel 80386 DX, 33MHz, foreground]]
'''Intel 80386''' adalah sebuah prosesor mikro yang sering digunakan pada [[central processing unit|central processing unit (CPU)]] dari sekian banyak komputer pribadi[[personal computer]]sejak tahun [[1986]] sampai [[1994]] dan lebih. During its design phase the processor was code-named simply "P3", the third-generation processor in the [[x86]] line, but was and is frequently referred to as the '''i386'''. Designed and manufactured by [[Intel]], the i386 processor was [[tape-out|taped-out]] in October of 1985. Intel decided against producing the chip before then, as the cost of production would have been uneconomical. Full-function chips were first delivered to customers in 1986. [[Motherboard]]s for 386-based computer systems were highly elaborate and expensive to produce, but were rationalised upon the 386's mainstream adoption