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* Cheng MF, Chiou CC, Liu YC, Wang HZ, Hsieh KS (2001) ''Cryptococcus laurentii'' fungemia in a premature neonate. Journal of Clinical Microbiology. 39(4):1608-11. - a good review of ''C. laurentii'' cases till year 2000.
* [ Results from a PubMed Search on terms: "Cryptococcus albidus Infection"] - list of references for ''C. albidus'' clinical infections. Click on the hyperlink to go to the *[ PubMed] Search page.
* Ross A, Taylor IE (1981) Extracellular glycoprotein from virulent and avirulent Cryptococcus species. Infection and Immunity. 31(3):911-8
* Casadevall A and Perfect JR (1998) Cryptococcus neoformans. American Society for Microbiolgy, ASM Press, Washington DC, 1st edition.