Pertempuran Gettysburg: Perbedaan revisi

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== Pranala luar ==
* [ Gettysburg National Military Park (National Park Service)]
* [ ''Choices and Commitments: The Soldiers at Gettysburg,'' a National Park Service Teaching with Historic Places (TwHP) lesson plan]
* [ Gettysburg Visitor Information]
* [ Gettysburg (NPS Tour Map of Gettysburg with links to photogalleries)]
* [ Interactive Battle Of Gettysburg with Narratives]
* [ Animated history of the Battle of Gettysburg]
* [ Military History Online: The Battle of Gettysburg]
* [ Explanation of Buford's Defense at Gettysburg]
* [ The Brothers War: The Battle of Gettysburg]
* [ Gettysburg Discussion Group archives]
* [ List of 53 Confederate generals at Gettysburg]
* [ List of 67 US generals at Gettysburg]
* [ Camp Letterman General Hospital]
* [ Civil War Era Digital Collection at Gettysburg College] Collection contains digitized paintings, photographs, and pamphlets of the Battle of Gettysburg
* [ New York at Gettysburg (Final Report on the Battlefield of Gettysburg)] A three-volume account of the positions and movements of troops from New York State on the battlefield of Gettysburg, prepared for the New York Monuments Commission in 1900. Digitized by the [[New York State Library]].
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