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'''Sun Jihai''' (孙继海) (lahir pada [[30 September]] [[1977]] di [[Dalian]]) adalah seorang pemain [[sepak bola]] [[Tiongkok]]. Saat ini ia bermain di [[Manchester City]] di [[Liga Premier Inggris]]. Posisinya adalah pemain bertahan ([[bek]]) atau kadang [[gelandang|gelandang bertahan]].
| playername = Sun Jihai|
| image = [[Image:SunJihai.JPG|150px]]
| fullname = Sun Jihai
| nickname = Elvis
| dateofbirth = {{birth date and age|1977|9|30}}
| cityofbirth = [[Dalian]], [[Liaoning]]
| countryofbirth = [[People's Republic of China|China]]
| currentclub = [[Shaanxi Neo-China Chanba F.C.|Shaanxi Chanba]]
| clubnumber =
| height = {{height|meters=1.83}}
| position = [[Defender (association football)|Right Back]]
| years = 1995&ndash;1998<br />1998&ndash;1999<br />1999&ndash;2002<br />2002&ndash;2008<br />2008&ndash;2009<br />2009<br />2010
| clubs = [[Dalian Shide|Dalian Wanda]]<br />[[Crystal Palace F.C.|Crystal Palace]]<br />[[Dalian Shide]]<br />[[Manchester City F.C.|Manchester City]]<br />[[Sheffield United F.C.|Sheffield United]]<br />[[Chengdu Blades]]<br />[[Shaanxi Neo-China Chanba F.C.|Shaanxi Chanba]]
| caps(goals) = {{0}}71 {{0}}(1)<br />{{0}}23 {{0}}(0)<br />{{0}}52 {{0}}(6)<br />130 {{0}}(3)<br />{{0}}12 {{0}}(0)<br />{{0}}10 {{0}}(0)<br />{{0}}{{0}}0 {{0}}(0)
| nationalyears = 1996&ndash;2008
| nationalteam = [[China national football team|China]]
| nationalcaps(goals) = {{0}}72 {{0}}(1)
| pcupdate = 8 January 2010
| ntupdate = 2 June 2008
{{Chinese name|[[Sun (surname)|Sun]]}}
Sebelumnya ia pernah bermain di [[Dalian Shide]] dan [[Crystal Palace F.C.|Crystal Palace]].
'''Sun Jihai''' ({{zh|s=孙继海|t=孫繼海|p=Sūn Jìhǎi}}; lahir 30 September 1977 di [[Dalian]], [[Liaoning]], [[People's Republic of China|China]]) saat ini [[China|Chinese]] [[association football]] bermain untuk Klub China [[Shaanxi Neo-China Chanba F.C.|Shaanxi Chanba]] dan juga sebagai pemain timnas [[China national football team]] sebagai pemain bertahan atau sebagai gelandang.
Keunggulan Sun Jihai sebagai pemain sepakbola adalah kecepatan, kekuatan fisik, umpan bola crossing dan kemampuan utuk membantu serangan melalui sayap.
{{pesepak bola-stub}}
Sun adalah pemain serba bisa karena dapat bermain dalam beberapa posisi seperti pemain bertahan murni, gelandang tengah serta pemain bertahan sayap dan gelandang sayap. Sun menjadi salah satu pemain penting dalam timnas China.
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==Club career==
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===Dalian Wanda===
Sun started his professional career with [[Dalian Wanda]] in 1995 and made his first appearance on May 28, 1995. Sun did not intend to start his professional career at such a young age. Like all the top young Chinese players of that generation, he wanted to go to the training camp in Brazil. However, he was not selected as he was not deemed to possess enough potential. Sun Jihai showed great character by not letting this huge disappointment derail him. He worked very hard and eventually enjoyed what is undoubtedly the most successful career of any Chinese football player.
===Crystal Palace===
After three successful years at Dalian, Sun along with [[Fan Zhiyi]] signed for [[Crystal Palace F.C.|Crystal Palace]] in 1998. They became the first footballers from [[China]] to play in the English leagues. Sun made his debut for [[Crystal Palace F.C.|Crystal Palace]] in a 0-3 defeat at [[Bury F.C.|Bury]] in the first leg of the [[Football League Cup]] match.
===Manchester City===
In 2002, Sun signed for Manchester City from Dalian for £2 million. He made his City debut in a 4-2 win over [[Coventry City F.C.|Coventry City]].
Sun Jihai enjoyed a great start to his first season in the Premier league. His solid defense and dangerous attacking forays won over many City fans. He was voted the best player at Manchester City for the month of September 2002.
In October 2002, Sun became the first Chinese footballer to score in the [[Premier League]] when he headed home the first City goal in their 2-0 win over [[Birmingham City F.C.|Birmingham City]].<ref>{{cite web
|title=Man City back to winning ways
|date=26 October 2002 |accessdate=11 September 2009}}</ref>
At the beginning of the 2004&ndash;05 season, Sun damaged his [[cruciate ligament]]s{{dn}} in a tackle with [[Chelsea F.C.|Chelsea]] striker [[Eiður Guðjohnsen]] and missed the rest of the season. After recuperating and following a strict physical regimen devised by his father, Sun Jihai was a regular starter in the Man City line up.
Sun's 2006&ndash;07 season was set back yet again by another injury, he made his return on 10 February 2007, against [[Portsmouth F.C.|Portsmouth]], which Man City lost 2 - 1.
With the arrival of [[Sven-Göran Eriksson]], Sun rarely played in the 2007&ndash;08 season. He was replaced by [[Vedran Ćorluka]] on the right back position and [[Michael Ball (footballer)|Michael Ball]] played as the defensive substitute instead of him.
===Sheffield United===
On the 2nd of July 2008, Sun Jihai signed a two year deal with Championship club Sheffield United.<ref name="Blades deal">{{cite news
| title = Boss makes double swoop
| url =,,10418~1337595,00.html
| publisher =
| date = 2008-07-02
| accessdate = 2008-07-02}}</ref> Sun only managed 19 mins of his first match in a Blades shirt, getting sent off after picking up two yellows in a friendly.<ref name="Blades friendly">{{cite news
| title = KVK Tienen 1-3 Sheffield United - report
| url =,,10418~1345513,00.html
| publisher =
| date = 2008-07-17
| accessdate = 2008-08-10}}</ref> He went on to make his full debut in the opening fixture of the season against [[Birmingham City F.C.|Birmingham City]].<ref name="Blades debut">{{cite news
| title = Birmingham City 1 Sheffield United 0
| url =
| publisher =
| date = 2008-08-09
| accessdate = 2008-08-10}}</ref>
He was sent off during a game against Coventry City after a lunging tackle from behind on Maltese player [[Michael Mifsud]]. The FA charged him for his behavior after receiving a red card but considered his past good record, handed him an additional one match ban. Having played regularly until November he succumbed to an injury and subsequently failed to force his way back into the first team and made only a handful of appearances in the FA Cup in the second half of the season. Sun was then released from his contract in July 2009 with United claiming he had 'failed to settle' in Yorkshire.<ref name="Blades release">{{cite news
| title = Sun Jihai leaves Sheffield United
| url =
| publisher =
| date = 2000-07-06
| accessdate = 2009-07-06}}</ref>
===Chengdu Blades===
He left Sheff Utd and has signed for [[Chengdu Blades]], hoping to make an impact.
==National career==
Sun made his international debut for China on 6 December 1996 against [[Uzbekistan national football team|Uzbekistan]].
At China's first match during the [[2002 FIFA World Cup]] against [[Costa Rica national football team|Costa Rica]], Sun picked up an ankle injury after a tackle from behind by Costa Rican defender, [[Mauricio Solís]] after just 17 minutes. Unable to play, Sun was replaced after 25 minutes and sat out for the rest of China's matches.
On June 7, 2008, in a [[2010 FIFA World Cup]] qualifying match against [[Qatar national football team|Qatar]], Sun was shown a straight [[Penalty_card#Red_card|red card]] for dissent while he was warming up as a substitute on the bench. China lost the match 0-1.
==Club career stats==
;''Last update: 20 August 2009''
{{Football player statistics 1|YY}}
{{Football player statistics 2|CHN|YY}}
|1995||rowspan="4"|[[Dalian Haichang|Dalian Shide]]||rowspan="4"|[[Chinese Jia-A League|Jia-A League]]||13||0||||||||||||||||
{{Football player statistics 2|ENG|YY}}
|[[The Football League 1998-99|1998-99]]||[[Crystal Palace F.C.|Crystal Palace]]||[[Football League First Division|First Division]]||23||0||||||||||||||||
{{Football player statistics 2|CHN|YY}}
|1999||rowspan="3"|[[Dalian Haichang]]||rowspan="3"|[[Chinese Jia-A League|Jia-A League]]||8||1||||||||||||||||
{{Football player statistics 2|ENG|YY}}
|[[The Football League 2001-02|2001-02]]||rowspan="7"|[[Manchester City F.C.|Manchester City]]||[[Football League First Division|First Division]]||7||0||||||||||||||||
|[[FA Premier League 2002-03|2002-03]]||rowspan="6"|[[Premier League]]||28||2||||||||||||||||
|[[FA Premier League 2003-04|2003-04]]||33||3||||||||||||||||
|[[FA Premier League 2004-05|2004-05]]||6||0||||||||||||||||
|[[FA Premier League 2005-06|2005-06]]||29||2||||||||||||||||
|[[FA Premier League 2006-07|2006-07]]||13||0||||||||||||||||
|[[Premier League 2007-08|2007-08]]||14||0||||||||||||||||
|[[The Football League 2008-09|2008-09]]||[[Sheffield United F.C.|Sheffield United]]||[[Football League Championship|Championship]]||11||0||||||||||||||||
{{Football player statistics 2|CHN|YY}}
|[[Chinese Super League 2009|2009]]||[[Chengdu Blades]]||[[Chinese Super League|Super League]]||10||0||||||||||||||||
|[[Chinese Super League 2010|2010]]||[[Shaanxi Neo-China Chanba F.C.|Shaanxi Chanba]]||[[Chinese Super League|Super League]]||0||0||||||||||||||||
{{Football player statistics 3|2|CHN}}133||7||||||||||||||||
{{Football player statistics 4|ENG}}153||3||||||||||||||||
{{Football player statistics 5}}282||10||||||||||||||||
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