Kompleks piramida Giza: Perbedaan revisi

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== Daftar pustaka ==
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== Pranala luar ==
* [http://wikimapia.org/maps?ll=29.976132,31.128795&spn=0.010965,0.015836&t=k&hl=en Wiki Satellite view of Giza Plateau] at WikiMapia
* [http://www.googleearthhacks.com/dlcat13p2/Individual-3D-Structures.htm 3D model of the pyramids] for use in [http://earth.google.com Google Earth]
* [http://www.globalamity.net/index.php?section=article&articleid=15&pagenumber=1 Pyramid Photographs] on GlobalAmity.net
* [http://egypt.ebeling.ee digital.egypt] - QTVR fullscreen panoramas on Giza Plateau
* [http://egypt.travel-photo.org/cairo/pyramids-in-giza.html Pyramids in Giza] Pictures of Giza Pyramids published under Creative Commons License
* [http://www.3ds.com/introduction/revealed/] 3D virtual tour explaining Houdin's theory (plug in needed)
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