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* [http://science.nasa.gov/Realtime/JTrack/Spacecraft.html NASA J-Track 3-D; an interactive, 3-dimensional plot showing the position of over 900 satellites]
* [http://www.orbitaldebris.jsc.nasa.gov/ NASA Orbital Debris Program Office]
* [http://www.space-track.org/ Space-Track - The Source for Space Surveillance Data]
* [http://www.sgo.fi/~jussi/spade/ipy/index.html EISACT Space Debris during the international polar year]
* [http://www.aero.org/capabilities/cords/debris-basics.html "What is Orbital Debris?" from the Center for Orbital and Reentry Debris Studies at The Aerospace Corporation]
* [http://www.astroscience.org/abdul-ahad/earth-ring-dynamics.htm Would a Saturn-like ring system around planet Earth remain stable? - A. Ahad]
* [http://lasp.colorado.edu/~lix/class/asen5335/hw6.html Intro to mathematical modeling of space debris flux]
* Leonard David, "The Clutter Above," ''Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists'', July/August 2005.
* [http://celestrak.com/SOCRATES SOCRATES: A free daily service predicting close encounters on orbit between satellites and the thousands of rocket bodies and other pieces of debris orbiting Earth.]
* [http://www.theglobaleducationproject.org/earth/global-ecology.php#8 A summary of current space debris by type and orbit.]
* [http://www.astronomycast.com/astronomy/planets/our-solar-system/ep-82-space-junk/ Space Junk] [[Astronomy Cast]] episode #82, includes full transcript.
* [http://www.eclipsetours.com/sat/debris.html Paul Maley's Satellite Page - Space debris (with photos) which has reentered the atmosphere intact.]
* [http://www.universetoday.com/2008/04/11/space-debris-illustrated-the-problem-in-pictures/ Space Debris Illustrated: The Problem in Pictures]
* [http://webpages.charter.net/dkessler/ Don Kessler's Web Page]
* [http://www.eagletv.co.uk/home/space.htm "Space the final junkyard" documentary film]
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