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== Singkatan ==
* CiP: [[Citizens' Party (Iceland)|Citizens' Party]] (''Borgaraflokkurinn''). Extinct.
* CP: Conservative Party (''Íhaldsflokkurinn''). Extinct.
* HP: Home Rule Party (''Heimastjórnarflokkurinn''). Extinct.
* IP: Independence Party (''[[Sjálfstæðisflokkurinn]]'').
* LL: Association of Liberals and Leftists (''Samtök frjálslyndra og vinstri manna''). Extinct.
* OIP: The old Independence Party (no relation to the current one). ''OIP langsum'' and ''OIP þversum'' denote two fractions that split the party at one time. Extinct.
* PA: The People's Alliance (''[[People's Alliance (Iceland)|Alþýðubandalagið]]''). Extinct.
* PP: The Progressive Party (''[[Framsóknarflokkurinn]]'').
* SD: Social Democrats (''[[Social Democratic Party (Iceland)|''Alþýðuflokkurinn'']]''). Extinct.
* SP: Socialists (''[[Popular Unity Party - Socialist Party|Sósíalistaflokkurinn]]''). Extinct.
* UP: Union Party (''Sambandsflokkurinn''). Extinct.
<!-- All but two parties are labelled extinct. That only means that they no longer exist under those names. Apart from the Independence Party and the Progressive Party, the following possess parliamentary seats: The Union of Leftists (''[[Samfylkingin]]'', mostly former Social Democrats), The Left-Green Movement (''[[Vinstri hreyfingin - grænt framboð]]'', mostly former Socialists) and The Liberal Party (''[[Frjálslyndi flokkurinn]]'', a split from the Independence Party). Those last three have never been in government in their current incarnations. -->
[[nl:Lijst van premiers van IJsland]]
[[nn:Statsministrar på Island]]
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[[oc:Lista dels primièrs ministres d'Islàndia]]
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