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'''Ocean's Eleven''' merupakan sebuah [[film]] yang diproduksi oleh [[Warner Bros]] dengan sutradara [[Steven Soderbergh]]. Film yang dirilis pada tahun [[2001]] ini merupakan versi ''remake'' dari film dengan judul yang sama, [[Ocean's Eleven (1960)|Ocean's Eleven]], produksi tahun [[1960]]. Film ini juga meraih penghargaan sebagai BMI Film Music Award oleh [[David Holmes]]. Film ini kemudian dilanjutkan oleh dua sekuelnya, ''[[Ocean's Twelve]]'' (2004) dan ''[[Ocean's Thriteen]]'' (2007).
Proses pencurian itu direncanakan dengan sangat hati-hati, teliti, dan terperinci oleh Rusty. Target utama pencurian ini adalah Benedict dan uang US$163 juta yang dimilikinya. Basher Tarr (Cheadle) berperan sebagai ''explosives man'' yang bertugas 'mematikan untuk sementara' jaringan listrik kota Las Vegas sehingga dua kru lainnya, Linus Caldwell dan Daniel Ocean, turun melalui bagian bawah sebuah lift. Basher berhasil mematikan listrik Las Vegas dengan menggunakan sebuah peranti yang sebelumnya dicuri dari California Institute of Advanced Science.
In addition to a brief city-wide power outage, they need certain access codes to get inside to the elevator. These are updated daily, and are carried on Benedict's person. Linus, a skilled pickpocket, is introduced to Benedict as a member of the Nevada Gaming Commission, tracking down a dealer who has a record. However, the dealer in fact is a [[Plant (person)|plant]], a member of the crew played by [[Bernie Mac]]. This enables Linus to get into the same room with Benedict when they question the dealer. This is also to extinguish any future suspicion of the disappearance of Mac's character from his work at the casino after the robbery. A staged scuffle is created, at which point Linus picks Benedict's pocket. Linus doubles back saying he forgot his pager, as Benedict hurries on to a boxing match where Tess waits for him.
A third element, another distraction, is created by Saul Bloom (Reiner) posing as a nebulous and shady Russian money man. He convinces Benedict to let him store some jewels in the deep vault, overnight. In the process of doing so, he stages a heart attack to distract the local guards from seeing Linus doubling back.
Another element is control of that very surveillance video. As Linus doubles back, while Saul stages the distraction, a third member cuts in with pre-shot video of empty hallways, and an empty elevator. Meanwhile, the security is worried about Saul, as Rusty dashes in with two paramedics, also members of the crew, who declare the man 'dead' in order to get him out of there.
Danny has joined Linus in the elevator shaft ready to rappel, and Rusty is wheeling away the 'dead' Saul. Both get on cellphones to call their control center to blackout the town.
Meanwhile, the last element is the 'greaseman', known by his circus act as "The Amazing Yen". A Chinese acrobat and contortionist, able to squeeze himself into tight spaces and leap around, he is concealed in a money cart, which is placed inside the vault. He exits the cart and jumps to shelving in the vault to avoid scanners that are knee or ankle high.
After the brief blackout, Danny and Linus find themselves looking out the elevator at a short corridor at two guards in front of the vault. They use a pop-up gas-releasing grenade device to disable both. Yen plants the charges (the fake jewels) onto the vault door. Ocean plants detonators outside and blows the vault. Meanwhile, surveillance shows something different (absolutely nothing wrong happening) than what is actually occurring inside the vault.
Finally, when ready, Rusty calls Benedict directly on a cellphone, which Danny secretly dropped into Tess's pocket. Rusty says Benedict is being robbed. The video feed suddenly changes to that of an armed robbery taking place. Benedict calls for a SWAT team, which arrives promptly and storms the vault. Ultimately the crew still succeed in stealing the money - by virtue of the SWAT team being none other than the team members in disguise. The video of the robbery in place was apparently staged, something Benedict learns too late (referencing the new Bellagio insignia on the floor that was installed recently).
After the robbery, Danny is arrested again (for a parole violation) and sent to prison. After "three to six months," Danny is released and met outside of the prison by Rusty, who has brought Tess in his car. They drive off, followed by a car with Benedict's guards.
Whether they get away from Benedict in the months and years afterward is the subject of the sequel, ''[[Ocean's Twelve]]''. The third movie in the series, ''[[Ocean's Thirteen]]'', was released in [[June]] [[2007]].
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