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==The Secretary General (Chief Executive) of Nato as of 2009 is The Honourable Anders Rasmussen Fogh of Denmark Europe
(Erik Young's Uncle)==
Ann Mercer...."So that's why Mission Impossible was similar to "A Man From Uncle"
Chronic MPS (BullFitters Disease) and the cause of Bubonic Plague
Bubonic plague can be released into entire communities by infecting the water supplies and bottle supplies. It is the oldest known and recorded form of biological warfare used in 1400BC to kill the ancient Egyptian Paharoahs in order to rob them of valuables women and children. This same group of Homao Sapiens 'Satan' now live in Macau and Taiwan. They are the least trusted species on the planet you are better off trusting a 'snake in the grass'.. Interesting that grass snakes give off a very bad odour when you frighten or threaten them. The Homo Sapiens Satan species does not react to sound the same way as we do. For instance if you heard the broadcast of Homo Sapiens Satan torturing children to death for three months.. That is why some of the citizens of Bangkok simply seemed unconcerned about the sound of children screaming petrified whilst being tortured to death using the electric shock out put of a car alternator wire to the dhild. For that is precisely what they were doing, and Mr Thaksin Shinawatra and Mr Wynn and the Malden ID thieves all knew this, to thousands of children they seized in India and Europe and USA they abducted and took to Asia and tortured to death. This is why I want these creatures killed by burning them to death whilst alive because I know that their virus will simply move on to another host unless the advice laid down in the Holy Scriptures of the Quran and Bible are followed in detail. It was the butanne emitting lake that were set alight.
==CURE FOR BUBONIC PLAGUE: Ultraviolet light will kill off the bubonic plague virus and you can create an ultra-violet vapour that you make by chargingchrging the solution so that it is polarised and has an ultraviolet wavelength. You may find the slime that surrounds the scales of fish have information useful to this project. Dettoal (genuine" Dettol down the drains to disinfect areas will help to avoid an epidemic==
Fire will kill both bacteria and virus that live of the bacteria range that congregate around the butanne environment. Basque's of northern Spain are also Home Sapiens 'Satan, a medically proven biological fact they cannot hide by mutating DNA during their lifetime. They have a 'voltermak' within the red corpusles detectable usually at a specific temperature. This 'voltermark' confirms their true identity so if they duplicated the DNA strand of a target ID victim you can identitfy the genuine person.
Sadly, the Institute of Recent Studies has found that one in three long-term visitors to China develop chronic MPS. Signs of chronic MPS include:
to all sorts of confidential government documentation. Their relations with the .BIZ registry in the USA needs to be investigated and the
== .BIZ registry should be placed into official receivership by The United states department of Trade and Commerce and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
United Internet in Germany may have been another gigantTIC money laundering route.===
Erik Young (Henry-Rasmussen-Fogh-Andersen-Jensen-Holbock-Gellinek-Einstein-Munch-Van Gogh- Gauguin-Kennedy-Nesbitt) UN Human Rights Ambassador Bangkok Thailand