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==The Secretary General (Chief Executive) of Nato as of 2009 is The Honourable Anders Rasmussen Fogh of Denmark Europe
(Erik Young's Uncle)==
Ann Mercer (The Mercinairy)...."So that's why Mission Impossible was similar to "A Man From Uncle"
"Where's Bob?"
"You mean he's near Taiwan"
"I hope Erik will be safe with the combined military might of China,India, Pakistan,USA,Russia, Europe and the NATO allies, he's not been in a safe house recently. I do hope he finds a way to generate a cure for this problem.'
"Enlightenment? Do you think Erik means to enlighten the Taiwan/Macau people and their acessorries?"
"So 911 is the 711 because they wanted the tallest building in the world."
"What does Correct mean?"
"It means Island of errections, The Richard Heads of DealDoh"
==Terminating the GEFTAPO of Asia (aka The Taiwan Government-Al-Qaeida Terrorists and Biological Warefare Criminals since 1400 BC)==
It was these Homo Sapiens Satan, NOT Mau Tse tung, who were persecuting The Emporer of China, and stealing the ID of tax collectros they had murdered and robbing the people of china of all the tax money they collected. Just as you find in the South of Portugal where people were not paying their taxes it is pointer that indicates they may not be who they say they are in fact they have already stolen someone elses identity.
If governments check people who cheat their tax departments you will catch many many ID thieves. Most have at the least become an accessory to murder by their involvement with the ID theft. The dead or mising person may appear to have died due to an accident or natural cause but look again very very carefully for their terrorist sabotage (hot pot of poison) and under most modern countries criminal law, they are acessories to murder.
It is easy to prove their crime with modern forensic methods 99% of cases are with sufficent physical scientific evidence to prove murder beyond all reasonable doubt.
==="The German soldiers were very polite and genrous. It was the Geftapo who were so monsterous they were not the same as the German soldiers." Quoted by Mrs fredrikke Louis Fog of Oslo Norway when questioned about the German occupation of norway during World War 2.===
Chronic MPS (BullFitters Disease) and the cause of Bubonic Plague
Bubonic plague can be released into entire communities by infecting the water supplies and bottle supplies. It is the oldest known and recorded form of biological warfare used in 1400BC to kill the ancient Egyptian Paharoahs in order to rob them of valuables women and children. This same group of Homao Sapiens 'Satan' now live in Macau and Taiwan. They are the least trusted species on the planet you are better off trusting a 'snake in the grass'.. Interesting that grass snakes give off a very bad odour when you frighten or threaten them. The Homo Sapiens Satan species does not react to sound the same way as we do. For instance if you heard the broadcast of Homo Sapiens Satan torturing children to death for three months.. That is why some of the citizens of Bangkok simply seemed unconcerned about the sound of children screaming petrified whilst being tortured to death using the electric shock out put of a car alternator wire to the dhild. For that is precisely what they were doing, and Mr Thaksin Shinawatra and Mr Wynn and the Malden ID thieves all knew this, to thousands of children they seized in India and Europe and USA they abducted and took to Asia and tortured to death. This is why I want these creatures killed by burning them to death whilst alive because I know that their virus will simply move on to another host unless the advice laid down in the Holy Scriptures of the Quran and Bible are followed in detail. It was the butanne emitting lake that were set alight.
==CURE FOR BUBONIC PLAGUE: Ultraviolet light will kill off the bubonic plague virus and you can create an ultra-violet vapour that you make by charging the solution so that it is polarised and has an ultraviolet wavelength. You may find the slime that surrounds the scales of fish have information useful to this project. Dettoal (genuine" Dettol down the drains to disinfect areas will help to avoid an epidemic==
Fire will kill both bacteria and virus that live of the bacteria range that congregate around the butanne environment. Basque's of northern Spain are also Home Sapiens 'Satan, a medically proven biological fact they cannot hide by mutating DNA during their lifetime. They have a 'voltermak' within the red corpusles detectable usually at a specific temperature. This 'voltermark' confirms their true identity so if they duplicated the DNA strand of a target ID victim you can identitfy the genuine person.
Sadly, the Institute of Recent Studies has found that one in three long-term visitors to China develop chronic MPS. Signs of chronic MPS include:
1. Depraved ogling of a fellow foreigner’s Chinese girlfriend/wife, while walking about with one’s own Chinese girlfriend/wife, followed by a pronounced slump of the shoulders if the other Cg/w is perceived to be ‘hotter’. A cocky strut denotes that the MPS sufferer has concluded his Cg/w is ‘hotter’.
2. A compulsion to speak sub-standard Chinese (because they are ID thieves) at street-hawker decibel levels, followed by rage and shame when the Chinese listener doesn’t understand , or even worse, when corrected by another foreigner.
3. Practiced cunning in surreptitiously determining other foreigners’ “time in”. A condescending smirk follows an evaluation of having served in China longer; a studied indifference follows an evaluation to the contrary.
4. An irresistible urge to one-up any and all anecdotes by other foreigners wishing to show that they, too, have been “in the bush”.
5. Selective public blindness to other non-Chinese, to the extent of not noticing one if they were the only two people in Tiananmen Square Fisherman's Square is how the ID thieves living on the ID of other Chinese people in China taiwan and Macau, and the other foreigner was copping
6. An inability to make decisions or focus unable to differentiate. Truth and Crime become history. History is the effect of butane gas and its effects rendering passion and raving submissive to rumbling and indecency (spying on other people's hi-lives). A common illness amongst papparzi reporters).
===ICANN need to deactivate the country IP adressing system for Taiwan. They may have had the .CN domain and have tricked the world into believing they were The Government of China and it is these gangsters that became the sole registry and registrar for .CN subcontracting the administration out to Melbourne IT of Australia who are now accessories to Al-Qaeida aka The Government of Taiwan. The Australian Government will need to make a number of arrests and stop anyone with a Taiwan passport leaving Australia until the suspects are found. The rest of the Taiwan passport holders can be told "We will advise you of when you can travel again in due course'.
Melbourne IT must be placed into Official Receivership immediately on the legal issues of money laundering and funding terrorism. i noted they aclaim their status within the University networks of Australia so they may have
===root access===
to all sorts of confidential government documentation. Their relations with the .BIZ registry in the USA needs to be investigated and the
==.BIZ registry should be placed into official receivership by The United states department of Trade and Commerce and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
United Internet in Germany may have been another gigantTIC money laundering route.Try new Malden and surrounding banks and trace routes to offshore centres==
Erik Young (Henry-Rasmussen-Fogh-Andersen-Jensen-Holbock-Gellinek-Einstein-Munch-Van Gogh- Gauguin-Kennedy-Nesbitt) UN Human Rights Ambassador Bangkok Thailand
'''Pelabuhan Klang''' adalah pelabuhan utama [[Malaysia]], terletak di distrik [[Klang]] di negara bagian [[Selangor]]. Pelabuhan ini melayani [[Lembah Kelang|Lembah Klang]], termasuk ibu kota federal [[Kuala Lumpur]] dan ibu kota administratif federal [[Putrajaya]].