Live Aid: Perbedaan revisi

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* [[Kool & the Gang]] (video live yang sudah direkam sebelumnya) - "[[Stand Up and Sing]]", "[[Cherish (Kool & the Gang song)|Cherish]]" (JFK 21:19);
* [[Madonna]] - "[[Holiday (lagu Madonna)|Holiday]]", "[[Into The Groove]]", "[[Love Makes The World Go Round]]" (JFK 21:27);
* Penutup di Stadion Wembley:<{{br />}}a) [[Freddie Mercury]] dan [[Brian May]] ([[Queen (band)|Queen]]) - "[[Is This The World We Created?]]" (W 21:48),<{{br />}}b) [[Paul McCartney]] - "[[Let It Be (lagu)|Let It Be]]" (W 21:51),<{{br />}}c) [[Band Aid (band)|Band Aid]] (pimpinan [[Bob Geldof]]) - "[[Do They Know It's Christmas?]]" (W 21:54);
* [[Tom Petty]] - "[[American Girl]]", "[[The Waiting]]", "[[Rebels (lagu)|Rebels]]", "[[Refugee (lagu)|Refugee]]" (JFK 22:14);
* [[Kenny Loggins]] - "[[Footloose]]" (JFK 22:30);
* [[Mick Jagger]] dengan [[Hall & Oates]] / [[Eddie Kendricks]] / [[David Ruffin]] - "[[Lonely At The Top]]", "[[Just Another Night]]", "[[Miss You]]" (JFK 03:15);
* [[Mick Jagger]] dengan [[Tina Turner]] - "[[State of Shock]]", "[[It's Only Rock and Roll]]" (JFK 03:28);
* Penutup di Stadion JFK:<{{br />}}a) [[Bob Dylan]], [[Keith Richards]] dan [[Ron Wood]] - "[[Ballad of Hollis Brown]]", "[[When The Ship Comes In]]", [[Blowin' In The Wind]]" (JFK 03:39),<{{br />}}b) [[USA for Africa]] (pimpinan [[Lionel Richie]]) - "[[We Are The World]]" (JFK 3:55).
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