Jammu dan Kashmir (negara bagian): Perbedaan antara revisi

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| blank1_name_sec2 = [[Bahasa resmi]]
| blank1_info_sec2 = [[Urdu]]<ref name=langoff50>{{cite web |url=http://nclm.nic.in/shared/linkimages/NCLM50thReport.pdf |title= Report of the Commissioner for linguistic minorities: 50th report (July 2012 to June 2013) |publisher=Commissioner for Linguistic Minorities, Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India |page=49 |format=PDF| |accessdate=14 January 2015 |archive-date=2016-07-08 |archive-url=https://web.archive.org/web/20160708012438/http://nclm.nic.in/shared/linkimages/NCLM50thReport.pdf |dead-url=yes }}</ref>
| blank2_name_sec2 = Bahasa lain
| blank2_info_sec2 = [[Bahasa Kashmiri|Kashmiri]], [[Bahasa Dogri|Dogri]], [[Hindi]], [[Bahasa Punjabi|Punjabi]], [[Bahasa Ladakhi|Ladakhi]]<ref name=langoff50/>